Day 132/133 – peace

day 132 – last working day

Day 132 marks 2.5yrs of service at the oil refinery. I work indoors but well, is quite dusty too. Not sure if those had an impact on my health. Did i mention the stress too? I finally left the workplace at 7pm. Lol! On my last day. 

Noticed my palm is sooooooo dry. Developed afew cracks.

What i ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 3 rice cakes with pickled radish. Drank milo with tcm med

Lunch: rice with soy sauce and herbal chicken and papaya. Also drank milo with tcm med

Dinner: chicken rice and scoop of tcm

Day 133 – peace

Woke up with a small scratch fest on my right leg. Theres scratch marks now, but my skin feels stronger compared to afew weeks ago. 

Sleep is decent imho. 🙂 im happy with it, compared to few weeks ago 🙂 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice and 2 scoops of tcm. Also ate an apple and 5 rice crackers, 2 drops of strawberry chocolate (bad Jo!)

Dinner: chicken rice and scoop of tcm med and crysanthemum tea from ztp

Playing Rune Factory 4 on my 3DS now. Wondering how sustainable this will be. I think it wont be long before i start looking for another job…


Day 131 – Cheating goes

past few days has been a big cheating feast. Im glad i havent broken weeks or months of progress. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: guotiao/fried rice vermicelli with egg bits n beansprout and milo with red cap tcm med

Lunch: milo with tcm med and some pasta, chicken, chicken wing, large serving of teriyaki salmon , a slice of garlic bread, 

Dinner: brozeit. Some pork knuckle, asparagus, potato wedges, potato salad, sausages, pork rib

It was kinda itchy at night afters. Also missed my evening tcm med. sleep was okay, woke up with my right arm sleeve gone and afew raw spots. Not too bad.


Day 129 /130 – go!

day 129.

2nd day of tcm. I think i already feel alittle different. I waited til today to confirm my sleep. I think i can say pretty much i can DEFINITELY sleep alittle better. At least i stop waking up every other hour in frustration to scratch and stuff. I think i do wake but only once? 🙂 great. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: stirfried guotiao(rice strips) with abit of beansprouts/egg. Ate 

Lunch: fried fish fillet, fried chicken bits with veg and rice. Ate ester c. Had lemon and ginger tea

Dinner: ippudo’s shiromaru with runny egg, 2 pieces of charsiew, pork broth and some black fungus?. (Taste super bland for me) ate the tcm with watermelon juice. Also ate llao llao yogurt (banana, melon, dragon fruit, chocolate 

Evening was abit itchy. Probably cos of all the sugar and junk i ate. Scratched my arm and legs quite alot. But thankfully for thicker skin on my arms recently that theres minimal damage. Restrained myself from scratching my legs -_- i can do with less wounds on my legs. 

Day 130 – 

I didnt soak my legs yesterday since i came home late. This morning, after i rinsed the tissue off the left leg, omg the dead skin curled. So i tried to cut abit off with my scissors, a big piece came off. Also it stinks like some swiss cheese shit, so i lifted it abit and the big piece could be pulled off! And i did. Underneath was some white stuff on the raw skin which stinks! I suspect bacteria growth. Didnt want to spray the 50-50 acv on it, cos the skin looked quite raw. So i just clean the white-ish stuff off as much as possible and gauzed it like usual before i go to work.

The ankle part also stinks like swiss cheese. I decided to spray the 50-50 acv on it and it stinked less. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: guotiao/rice strips

Lunch: rice with soy sauce chicken, fried fish fillet with pepper

Dinner: rice with 2 spicy drumlets and brocolli with abit of coriander leaves and chicken soup? Took the tcm powder with chicken soup, lol

Went to see the TCM today and got another bottle of med and also herbs for washing the wound. 

Also stopped by OG to buy a tefal sauce pan! Yay. Shall cook soupy goodness food for myself next week when im officially unemployed. 

Soaked my legs in acv/tea tree/dss tonight. Didnt want no smelly swiss cheese bacterial or infection on the wound. More dead skin peeled off tonight. I cant wait for the leg skin to be normal again -_- then i shall plan a solo trip somewhere before i start work again…

My tube of moogoo isb is finishing. I cant believe i went through it so fast! Its pricy at $33 dollars a tube 😱 been scratching my arms after shower. But my skin has been tougher compared to 2 weeks ago. It can take some scratching now. But i still… Scratch til some oozing… Bad..

My hand is going through bad times again… I got to bandage my weeping fingers again. And skin on the other side of palm is so broken..



Day 128 – dry

Woke up with left hand and wrist scratched pretty raw. sleep was still erratic. When will i be able to sleep 8hours straight?! Hahaha. 🙂 

The skin on my thigh has been good these few days. Not much scratch wounds left but the skin is still dark, where the flares happened. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 2 kiku apples and some fried rice/rice noodles (with abit of egg and beansprouts) and lemon ginger tea

1st installment of day tcm powder med

Not sure if the chinese powder med will taste horrible, so i made some milo to dissolve it with. Surprisingly the med is not as bad as i imagined. It reminds me of a certain weird biscuit which i cant recall. Of cos powder stuck around the mouth is ew and i drank enough water to wash it down. Nowadays i no longer routinely drink coffee. So. Theres no thick beverage that i can drink it down with. 

Lunch: xin wang’s papaya beehoon soup with chicken chop and egg (the chicken looks pretty marinated and i ate the egg!) also slacked at starbucks til zumba is due. Drank a decaf capuccino. So bland and thin :S

Dinner: Rice with green veg and cabbage/pork rib soup(cooked with seasoning pack) And a small pressed clove of garlic in soup

The skin in my palm is kinda dry n tight today. Not sure if its related to the tcm powder.

Energy level isnt high during zumba. Could it be i didnt eat dinner before that? :S

Soaked my leg in acv and epsom/dead sea salt. The dead skin on my left calf was floating around and i had to put my scissors in to cut the flapy part off. The other pieces of them arent ready to come off yet, didnt wanna pull it off. 

 The calf looks so red and raw omg.  


Day 127 – TCM Adventure

great night of sleep. No major scratch fest. Scratched and almost wanted to pull my arm sleeves off but didnt. Not much damage. I went out in the afternoon wearing short sleeves! Wooo! The arm skin is dry n mildly flakey but no open wounds. So rare that my skin is this decent 🙂

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: dim sum outing with parents at imperial treasure ion which includes char siew pastry x2, 2 small egg tarts, rice strips with char siew, century egg with lean pork porridge, carrot cake x2 

Snack: llao llao sanum

Dinner: None

Also went to see TCM Mark that the fb group has recommended. Also had an acupuncture session today. Its been a long time since i had acupuncture. That time i did, i only had afew on my legs. This time was all over :S kinda a scary session. And on top to learn that some spots bleed when the needle is taken off. :S

I just hope what doesnt kill me makes me stronger. 

 Medicine for the week: 



Day 125 – itchy morning & day 126 – peace

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kiku apple And 3 rice cakes with pickled radish

Lunch: breaded fried fish fillet, herbal chicken and white rice with white cabbage

Dinner: Venison meat, fish fillets, chicken cooked in soup with pork bits, veg, salmon sashimi, fried pork rib

It was an itchy night. I ate an expired aerius tablet in the evening and had a great night’s sleep. Also, i ate a clove of garlic (horrible experience) which i detailed in another special post. Go read it! 

Day 126 – peace

What i ate:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice with kiku apple and rooibos tea! 

Dinner: chicken rice

Woke up with not much major scratch fest. In my sleep i remember scratching my fragile left calf, omg. But i immediately felt some pain and was like “omfg Jo, what are u doing?!” And immediately stopped. I did scratch my wrists but thankfully not much damage was done. 

Peaceful day which i slacked. bringing my folks to eat dimsum at orchard tmr. 🙂 

Anddd theres ants marching into my room! Gah! I hate these irritating shits. Using my brother’s ant killer for it. I hope it works. No ants shall feast on my dead skin.  



The story of Jo eating her first clove of raw Garlic

Just wish to share my raw garlic story/experience & rant this off alittle, haha.

So 10 minutes ago, I felt that tonight’s gonna be the night that i try eating a clove of RAW garlic. I read so much about eating raw garlic as a natural anti biotic and other health benefits, so i thought i must absolutely try it. And especially when theres so many darn spots on my tummy spreading.

So i unwrapped the new shiny garlic press i bought for this specific purpose, washed it and started to peel a clove of garlic. I took a clove of garlic and tried to figure out how to peel it(i have never peeled garlic before). So i tore off the skin slowly and then i pressed the garlic clove onto a spoon.

It looked like just a small bit of garlic. It did cross my mind perhaps i should press another clove. But i did not(thankfully!). So i proceed to eat alittle of it. OMG its spicy and sizzled my lips alittle. I quickly drank some water to neutralise it. So i thought, F, i should just eat the garlic with some water and gulp it down like a woMAN. Its a hassle to melt some honey just to eat this spoon down, and i cant eat bread.

So i did! It went down easy and smooth. Im usually quite good at eating bitter stuff.

But no! The next 10 seconds was intense. I salivate like mad, i felt the garlic burn its way down my throat, and perhaps churn alittle in my stomach? Then i felt like vomitting, perhaps the body is telling me im doing it wrong. I ran to the sink and prepared to vomit it out. My saliva dripped onto the sink like spilling off a cup. But nothing really came out. I felt so weak in my legs and uncomfy/sick, i had to sit at the kitchen for awhile. I thought perhaps my dinner had digested and i might need to eat something to neutralise the garlic, so i grabbed the cake(im not supposed to) and ate a small slice. I felt slightly better after awhile and walked to talk to my brother, who laughed at me! lol

And 10 minutes after, im feeling normal again. 😛

What an experience, never experienced anything like that. I hope what doesnt kill me, makes me stronger.


Day 124 – Itchy evening

no major scratch fest yesterday night 🙂

What i ate today:

Breakfast: china fuji apple and fried rice vermicelli and guotiao (mixed) with dandelion root tea

Lunch: brown rice with veg, sweet sour pork and fried fish fillets and papaya And small slice of potato/chicken pie and honey lemon tea

Dinner: rice with melon soup and spinach(sis told me) and cucumbers with ikan bilis. Also had a bottle of ztp honey lemon drink

It was sooooo itchy in the evening -_- argh! Post shower was scratching my arms, and even now! Im scratching. Dam. 

My skin looks like shit today. Leg patch so red. 



Day 123 – day of calm

no work today 🙂 sleep was erratic but ok. No major scratch fest 🙂 took off my left arm sleeve during sleep but no big damage done 🙂 maybe its cos my dad changed the towels yesterday. Its always great to sleep in fresh towels and bedsheet 🙂 

Arms are dry and flaky today. Let it shed let it shed! 

First time stay at home all day. I decided yesterday that i shall cook lunch on my own today. And i did! I cooked brown rice vermicelli with xiao bai cai and carrots and chicken bits. It was tasteless. But im the warrior of tasteless food. HAHAHA. 

However bitter, bland but if its good for me, i’ll eat it. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/Lunch: 1 china fuji apple, brown rice vermicelli with xiao bai cai, carrot, chicken bits. Ate 2 ester c 500mg

Dinner: 3 spicy drumlets, brocolli and melon soup 

Glad skin is calm today, even after shower. I tried to let as little water hit my arms as possible… And it seems like a goood idea, less itch!


Day 122 – post arm scratch fest

woke up today, with my both arms rather raw.  You can see the damage ~_~ i totally regret not bandaging my wrists at night before sleeping.  

Probably flushed my hopes of attending step aerobics in short sleeve tee this thurs. Well. Gotta consider my energy levels too. Usually after a major scratch fest, my energy levels are low.

I took a shorter than usual shower today. Seems good. Itch is controllable without applying anything 🙂 was it the cool weather? It rained cats n dogs in the evening just now. 

Im on half day today. It totally feels holiday mood. No work tomorrow. Also caught Hot Pursuit earlier in the afternoon. My eyes were all over the place in the movie HAHAHA. I learnt how to pay at the cashier without the cashier looking in your face. HAHAHA but not like i could pull it off. Sadly.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with bits of egg, beansprouts

Lunch: cathay’s kaarage chicken (fried chicken bits) and yoshinoya – beef and kaarage chicken combo. With some veg

Dinner:  rice with green veg