Day 88 and 89

day 88:

Still quite a flary day. Itchy during the day, woke up with raw wounds… I took loratadine before bed yesterday.

What i ate:

Breakfast: small organic apple and glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: white rice with 2 fried fish cakes, cucumbers, fried chicken wing and some chilli sauce

Dinner: rice with steamed fish and veg. And some casava? Chips.

I then soaked my legs in the pail and slept. It seems my left leg’s reddish has spread. Now the front of my left leg is weepy. -_- i had to cover with gauze when i go to work now. Also my sis is planning to buy air tickets to taiwan soon! Great 🙂 i hope my skin recovers well and not plunge into some crisis…

Day 89:

Breakfast: small organic apple and glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: soy sauce rice with chicken, mushrooms, and chinese sausage. and 2 slices of papaya. and 3ginger tea

Dinner: a green kiwi

Went searching for fitbit charge hr. A sudden inpulse to buy it after step aerobics class. Went looking at all the electronic shops, only 1 had it and it looks alittle beatened. Came home and checked the sizes. Thankfully i didnt buy before i checked the size! I would need a size large. I actually wanted to buy size small! 🙂

My skin is totally horrible today. Weepy all over! It was so weepy that it stuck to my adidas trackpants after step aerobics today. It was unusually bad and my left leg is swelling again. I wonder if its because i ate like half a bag of chips last night. Or that my period is coming -_- and my thighs is so spotty.

I was just looking at my blog and progress so far. Sometimes its hard to notice til you look at pictures. So yay for photo blogging! My hands have seen improvements and falls. I started off with crazy weepy fingers, then it peeled and then healed. Or rather remained calm and nice and strong. And then upon soup triggers, it plunged again. I guess after you have seen it heal, the weepy and flaring states will give u more hope that it WILL heal. But will i ever be able to be free from such reactive eczema? Will TSW be an episode after some time? Mmm doubts.

Taking it a day at a time. Happy healing!