Day 193 – scratch fest…

Scratch fest last night. Left ankle And near the toes… So this morning that area was pink. The skin is so raw, dam. I wasnt scratching it directly though, just thru the towel and tissue paper. 

What i ate today:

Lunch @ texas chicken: mexicana wrap (tomatoes onion cabbage spicy sauce? Chicken tenders) with fries and coke light (sips) 

Junks: the last of MS orange polenta GF biscuit.

Dinner: rice with brocolli, cauliflower, carrot slices and pork slices with melon soup. Also ate a chunk of pork cooked in the soup. Also drank earl grey milk tea from gongcha. Also ate some sour cream lays potato chips. Also had a cup of barley(sugarless)

I probably bust my sugar limit today. :S i read on a package that theres 22g of sugar in the snack. Omfg -_-



Day 192 – seemingly dry

Woke up and my legs are seemingly dry. Not much ooze. Since yesterday night, i noticed my skin is kinda dry. I even applied some vaseline at my left ankle area because the skin felt dry and itchy?

So for today, my left ankle has been flaking and me, trying to resist peeling the flakes off. 

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken fillet with cai xin and 100% buckwheat spiral pasta with sprinkle of cajun seasoning

In between: rice sugar crackers, wife biscuit, fresh coconut juice, black sesame muachee and drinking lots of barley(no sugar added)

Dinner: rice green veg with sweet sour pork melon soup and a piece of pork cooked in the soup

I’ve been trying to identify this green veg from google with not much luck. I know its not celery, brocolli, cauliflower, bok choy or cai xin. Is it kale? :S


Day 187 – 191

Day 187 –

What i ate: chicken rice, protein shake, rice with lotus root soup…

Day 188 – cheating friday

What i ate: chargrilled chicken with potato  wedges and brocolli, rice with veg…

Day 189 – acupuncture

Todays acupuncture session was extra long. I had some needles on my lower back? It was a face down session. Totally didnt realise how much i use those lower back muscles. Its like the pain absorber! I cant even wince properly while there are needles there, lol!

What i ate:

Chicken rice, chicken horfun, fried banana fritter at ion, hot star’s seaweed fries and yan su popcorn chicken

Day 190 – lazy sunday

Lazed around house today. 

What i ate:

Buckwheat pasta with chicken fillet, kfc bandito pocket(mayo, tomatoish sauce.. Spicy fried chicken) spicy fried chicken drumstick, mash potato, rice cracker, MS orange polenta cookie, protein shake

Day 191 – working monday! Also zumba day ๐Ÿ™‚

As above, my weekend has been a big cheating event. So much fried stuff. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ also woke up today with extra dry fingers. Fingers were so dry they itched and i climbed outta bed to apply moisturiser. Also couldnt sleep and slept around 2.30++? Woke up late too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: rice strips with sesame sweet sauce (taste like crap)

Lunch: soup spoon’s sg chicken mushroom ragout with alittle bit of bread

Dinner @ soup restaurant: sweet sour pork, abc soup, veg, steam chicken and rice/ginger fried rice. Drank some pu er tea


Day 185 & 186 – peace

i’ve been googling and googling about lymphatic message and drainage. Now im so fixated on buying a mini rebounder. But will i be comfortable bouncing on it in my swollen ankle? :S its gonna cost me S$120 for a brand new one with bungee ropes(will be silent). Theres a trampoline park too, which i can visit, but i’ll need to purchase and wear their special grip socks. Aaahhh.. I hate changing or taking off my socks in public. Hate to dirty the place or expose my oozzy flakey feet -_-

Back to lymphatic massage. Theres this “venous angle” which is located near/above the collar bone which i have been pressing/massaging. Hmmm. Perhaps im not patient enough to press 50 times.. 

I have been wondering. Is my worsening leg ankle edema due to my inactivity since i left work? Hmm… Gosh. I hate bandaging my leg to get out of house. How can i be more active without gauzing up my feet?

Day 185 – what i ate:

Lunch: buckwheat pasta with green veg and 230g of chicken fillet and wife biscuit, Marks and spencer gluten free orange polenta biscuit

Dinner: brussel sprouts stir fried with carrots and rice

Day 186 – what i ate:

Lunch: chicken rice

Junks: papaya, 2 egg tarts, afew cubes of chocolate loacker, 1 scoop of protein powder

Dinner: Rice with pork, brocolli and melon soup. And a bag of sweet potato chips and a packet of strawberry pocky. 


Day 184 – zumba day :)

I love mondays because its zumba day! But at the same time, i have to rise early for work on monday. I need to join another zumba classsss, darn! 

My leg was kinda itchy in the morning, scratching away in office. Is it the pickled radish? Or apple juice? Also scratched after i got home from zumba ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 4 rice cakes with pickled radish

Junks: wife biscuit, Florida natural’s bottled apple juice

Lunch @ aston: chicken chop with brocolli, carrot and fries & starbucks green tea latte & protein shake before zumba

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork

Skin actually feels good and didnt look like my scratching caused great damage. Heng ar.

I shall do the mth 6 summary soon.   


Day 181 – 183 – been lazy

i’ve been lazy the past few days. Partly because i’ve been replying and typing too much on dating apps. OPPS. And partly i’ve been combing through hotel reviews. I’ve bought tickets to go to Hongkong with my sister in mid october! Been wanting to travel while im resting and going thru TSW. Its not a good idea if your condition isnt stable :S oh wells. Gotta put a plaster on and carry on with life! 

Day 181 – active day

Woke up at 6am to get ready and go out for a walk. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: beehoon soup with fish ball and fishcake

Lunch: chicken rice and llao llao yogurt

Dinner: cant remember ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Day 182 – lazy day

What i ate: 

Lunch: chicken rice

Others: papaya

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork and veg

Was thinking how long i can go without soaking my legs. I didnt soak today. Just used the tcm herbs. Sister was asking why theres a dog smell in my room -_- wtf, i think its the herbs wash from my tcm

Day 182 was also an oozy day. My left feet keep getting ooze on the floor -_- not nice, so sticky. Also i find myself keep cleaning between my toes. Dam so clammy.

Day 183 – oozy wet

Today my legs stink. The ooze or something just smells bad. Not sure if its the tcm herbs or what. Or is it from the bacteria on my skin? 

What i ate:

Lunch: chicken rice

Others: wife pastry, vit c, 1 scoop of protein powder

Dinner: chicken rice

Im grossly not eating enough vegetables


Day 179 & 180 – shake it!

Day 179 – peace

Its a work day today, got up and gauzed and got to work. Been deciding what to do with my TSW days. TCM advised to take a break for 3 months. Lovely and i would want to. Who wants to work anyway? But its a fact that the longer the break, the bigger the impact on my resume. SO. I need to do something. And i found something that i might wanna do. Pick up my japanese again? Hmmm. 

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: rice with veg and a box of 90g danish butter cookies and mini wife biscuit and pineapple pastry (so saddd. Mum didnt cook much meat when i came home from a meat craving :S)

Day 180 – hungry day

Woke up rather early today? Hahahaha. I wonder why i keep wanting to snack. Like i’ve been eyeing that bag of lundeberg rice chips for ages. And the box of wife biscuits. Argh. Tried to chugg water thinking im dehydrated. But i still wanna eat. Even now when im full from the protein shake, i still kinda wanna munch on something!

Protein shake taste

Hmmm, how do i describe it? It smells alittle like milo or chocolate drink, but its not sweet enough. Its alittle bland but drinkable. I guess people would love for it to be sugar free, but this formula has some sugar in it.

Lunch: chicken fillet with allittle buckwheat pasta. And mini wife biscuit and pineapple pastry

Mid afternoon: protein shake 1 scoop, 1000mg vit c, 4 red bean paste riceballs, lactogg

Dinner: Rice with sweet sour pork and veg and watercress soup

Hmmm, feels like my legs are quite weepy tonight. Im wondering if my ooze did drip inbetween my toes and onto the floor.. :S


Day 178 – mcd cheating

today.. Wanted to wake early to read but omg. I finally peeled myself outta my bed around 2pm. Then my brother came and asked if i want mcdelivery take out. I sucumbed to the temptation unfortunately.

What i ate: 

Late lunch: 4 piece mcwings, medium fries and apple pie

Snacks: wife biscuit..

Dinner: rice with veg, some chicken and carrot/radish soup

I find that im cheating so much lately. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i meant to avoid ALL PROCESSED FOOD but find my discipline waning. ๐Ÿ˜‘ i need to stepup my game!

Skin feels not too bad today except my left leg is really tight and swollen. Im so not looking forward to work tomorrow. Also, im sneezing so much today. Im not sure if its flu or an allergic reaction ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my father was experiencing some flu-ish reactions afew days ago, i hope he has not passed it to me!



Day 177 – zumba day

The night was rather peaceful. Woke up in the middle of the night around 4.30am. Cant remb for what. Was it a dream? Or sudden realisation that i might be late for work? Lols.

Half a day of work (slack) and went to grab cup of yogurt. My lunch had 2 strands of hair omg -_-. Surprised n glad they refunded me though

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 4 rice cakes , 2 wife biscuit, 1 pineapple tart

Lunch: llao llao (hazel nut sauce with banana and CRunch) and yoshinoya beef with veg and afew spoons of rice and starbucks latte grande

Dinner: Rice with veg… Pea Sprouts i think. 

I had 2 hours of zumba today. It was so fun! I danced until my legs felt numb. My feet to be precise. My left leg was always very swollen and so, it felt like alittle numb and i try to wriggle my toes which are like alittle hurting. 

My right leg was also alittle numb. I scratched it alittle at work and it was oozed alittle much at the ankle. So when i got home, it too, was numb. It also seemed alittle swollen. Sucks when i was having sucha great time at zumba ๐Ÿ˜ฆ my toes 2 and 3 (big toe is no 1) were weirdly numb. Theres a patch of red near the 2 toes though. Was it the reason? :S 


Day 176 – tcm acupuncture day

Past few days, felt my legs have been alittlllee oozy and wet. I hope it dries up soon :S its the worst to feel oozzy skin. It makes me panic :S Sigh, i guess coming to terms with worsening conditions and “be nullified” by it, is a important part of TSW. Its something like this…

Day 1: “Omg its so red!”

Afew weeks later: “Omg its spreading!”

More weeks later: “Omg now the whole side is red!”

Afew more weeks later: *numb* “when is it gonna heal?”

What i ate today:

Lunch: white chicken rice (so little chicken in it)

Mid day: chicken with horfun in sauce and half a egg yolk

Dinner: shilin chicken cutlet(with powder)

Acupuncture session was painful near the left leg, but its bearable enough. :X

Also picked up my iherb order today! My plantfusion protein powder came. Its quite a big tub of supplement. Also, i made a mistake about the daily protein requirement. Apparentlyย sedentary women needs 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight. Which is 40g in my case. So i am grossly under eating my proteins. So a packet of chicken rice is conservatively only 30% of my requirements. Its weird but i find it hard to eat so much protein in a day… ย