Day 164 – peace

Woke up from my alarm at 10am+ but didnt get outta bed. Was so tireeedd. Good thing was that theres no extreme scratch fest. Theres some scratching but not much damage done. Its just some light scratching 🙂 Also cooked my own lunch today. It was bland, but whatever 🙂

What i ate today:

Lunch: brown rice vermicelli with chicken and xiao bai cai (bak choy/bok choy) (microwave defrosted the frozen lean chicken and then straight to cook in water, with veg and vermicelli)

Others: lactogg, 1000mg vitamin c, slice of begawan solo banana cake and aerius/desloratadine anti histamine after dinner

Dinner: ichiban sushi’s Chawanmushi(no prawn inside), curry katsu chicken with rice, slice of watermelon, nana green tea’s matcha parfait (red bean azuki, milk, corn flakes, green tea icecream, green tea block of icecream, green kanten jelly)

Today is another hot day. Sweating so much in the afternoon. My friends confirm the same. So its not that im feeling weird!

Popped an anti histamine after dinner. Felt a little itchy in the legs after shower at night. Hopefully theres no flare! 


Day 163 – scratch fest?

Woke up at 4am today, scratching my right calf to bits… Scratch scratch, managed to stop and calm myself down and go back to sleep. I know im scratching madly and doing damage. Yet i cant just stop and pull my nails away! But anyway, re-apply new tissue to the area for the ooze from scratching, wrapped the towels n went back to sleep. Was it because of food?

What i ate today:

Late lunch: chicken rice

Late dinner: rice with veg and watercress soup (didnt eat watercress though) 

Junks: sun biscuit and wife biscuit, lactogg and 500mg of vitamin c and can of crysanthemum tea

Went for zumba. First hour at 6 was half dead. Then i drank a can of sugary chrysanthemum tea and was jumping around the next hour *w* aww man. Today is so fun. Its also the first time i sweat and groove with satisfaction after awhile *still feeling the high from the dance class*

Also, my neck feels awesome today. I mean it has been awesome for some time but today i sort of “suddenly” realise it. Sometimes your skin gets so shitty and while its healing, you sort of forgot about it. So its really smooth today. I remember during the worst days, it crusted alittle on my pillow. April was quite a bad month for my neck from the salmon soup flare. My lymphnodes were alittle swollen. But now its 90% gone. I wont say 100%, i like to feel around the area where the swollen lymphnodes were and to be honest i dont know if its the skin fold or a swollen node. But its barely there. So yeah 🙂 i wonder if it has to do with sweating and the hot weather recently. It has been a rather hot singapore weather and i have been sweating much on my neck and chest. Good thing i suppose, though its uncomfy. 


Day 162 – outside food day

Parents went to malaysia for a daytrip today. So all my food, i got to settle them myself. Went out to meet a friend today, and end up eating everything outside.

Breakfast: ippudo akamaru black garlic oil with miso paste, runny egg and charsiew with cabbage and bamboo shoots inside

Junks: banana pie from Mcd, llao llao yogurt(banana and chocolate), taiwan buttery sun biscuit, cups of herbal tea and a slice of papaya

Late Lunch: chicken rice (half portion)

Dinner: chicken rice (the other half)

Thinking seriously about adding a protein supplement. Should i eat L-glutamine or some whey/casein protein? Hmmm…

And 😱 starting next week i probably need to cook for myself on my off days. 


Day 161 – obsession with the scale

Not the bathroom body weight scale but the kitchen scale. Hahaha. Weigh the chicken portion in the packet of chicken rice again. Today theres only 40g!! Wtf. Lol. I know the chicken rice uncle probably doesnt use a scale when he chops the chicken but its quite a stark difference isnt it? 40g means about 15g or so grams of protein. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Vitamins etc: lactogg, vitamin c and rice crackers, papaya and cups of herbal tea

Dinner x2: sweet sour pork with rice, cabbage and some lean pork


Day 160 – chicken rice’s protein

Today i finally weighed the cooked chicken in the packet of chicken rice. Its about 70grams. Theres some cucumber in it too. So probably the true weight is 60-70g. 

From what i have gathered on the body building forums, seems theres 30g in 100g of cooked chicken breast. So probably in my packet of daily chicken rice, there is 30 x 0.7 = 21gram of protein

Not too bad. For sedentary women my weight, around 50kg, i need 50 x 0.4 = 20g so a packet of chicken rice a day fulfils my protein needs assuming im not shedding skin or oozing or have wounds. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Vitamins etc: none and papaya slices, cups of herbal tea

Dinner x2: rice with some 3 small brocolli bites, dark green veg and melon soup cooked with chicken. Also some char siew on 2nd serving

Feeling calm today after dinner. I was scratching my right calf last night rather madly. See the pink patch in btm right corner? Havent been scratching my legs at night for afew weeks.  


Day 159 – boredom has arrived & protein doubts

Today… A sudden realisation hits me. Should i be doing something while this TSW hits me? How should i ride it out.. How should i ride this eczema wave? My leg is probably not gonna heal so fast..

I’ve not worked for almost a month now… Next week im starting a part time assignment helping my relative. The money is negligible. Seriously im only agree-ing to it becos shes my relative. I dont care for part time work seriously. I dont feel like waking up and  bandaging my leg to work. Its depressing to see it like that. Sigh. This eczema battle. WHAT TO DO? 

I think i’ve reach a point where im alittle bored. Im thankful for my parents though. Very thankful. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: Chicken rice

Dinner x2: rice with veg and melon soup 

Vitamins: vit c and lactogg

Junks: chocolate tunnocks wafer, a kitkat bar(2 pieces), rice cracker..

Been googling about nutritional deficiencies tonight. And my mission for tomorrow: im gonna weigh the chicken pieces in my chicken rice tomorrow. I suspect im not eating enough protein for wound healing :/ eating too much protein can burden the liver and kidney but too little and my wounds arent healing! But my main protein source is like my daily chicken rice. Other than that, i eat very little meat during dinner. Perhaps like afew bites of lean pork.



Day 158 – be brave day

Today is a day i need to be brave and take it a day at a time. Its another of those days where i felt so hopeless. Like is my left leg gonna get worrrsseee?! 

Ze left leg is so swollen and fiercely red and raw.. I start to wonder if theres any implications of long term inflammation :S like is there anything i should watch out for?? 

Gah. I was insecure today and went looking through the pics and blogs of other TSW warriors. Their skin in withdrawl looks pink. My left leg looks raw and fierce? Like the wounds u get when u fall and scratch the skin raw? Sigh. I dont know if its TSW and to leave it, wait it out, or see a professional wound care specialist or something like that. Bah. Im really having thoughts if i should see my dermatologist(the one who gave me steroids) about this leg wound. Its been 5mths..

What i ate today:

Breakfast: chicken rice

Vitamins: lactogg (one) and vitamin c

Snacks: afew slices of papaya, 2 overnight dinata portugese egg tart, 1 of my sis’s homebaked egg tart and a cup of luo han guo herbal tea

Dinner x2: green veg with rice and melon soup 

Skin was calm after dinner. 🙂 



Day 157 – tcm acupuncture day

Painful day. Nuff said. I have cleared my previous doubt actually. Its not that my pain tolerance has decreased but the acupuncture intensity has increased -_- he asked if i felt the increased intensity (i was wondering to self: why is it like today’s leg needles so painful?!) 

Trying to eat a low salicylate diet. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: rice noodles with stir fried green veg and cabbage

Lunch: chicken rice (skipped the cucumbers) and llaollao yogurt(my salvation!) with bananas and chocolate crunch + chocorock sauce! 

Junks: dinata portugese egg tart & tong heng egg tart

Dinner: rice with brocolli and carrots and water cress soup (did not eat the watercress) 

After dinner… Wasnt THAT itchy, though brocolli and watercress are high salicylates. 

Feeling alittle lost. Is my skin still tsw or a chronic big wound? Sigh…

Today my right index finger and right little finger feels alittle fragile. Also the area on extreme left of right palm :S 


Day 156 – Sweaty?

It feels like lots of things happened today. For one, im starting part time work next month… 3 days a week and half a day each.. 

Then… I went for zumba! It was weird i suddenly started to sweat abit in the late afternoon and was sweating too in zumba(havent been sweating for sometime). Im wondering if the weather is especially hot today or that my adrenal glands are recovering. I didnt eat before zumba today. I kinda regret it 😦 when can i rock all out again?!

I wanted to buy a banana pie at MCD today after zumba but darn, the lines are long. Nvm, i shall have llaollao yogurt tomorrow! *w* but bleh, its so hard to choose fruit toppings with most of them being high salicylates..

I miss travelling. *random*

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: rice with some chicken, sweet sour pork and dark green veg

Junks: a salted egg yolk pineapple pastry (it hardly had any salted egg yolk taste??)

Missed a dose of tcm med today… Darn

And also my palm, today my right palm has got worseeee! Dam, is it always jinxing to post good progress reports?


Day 155 – peace

And today, i finished the rest of Karen Fischer’s eczema diet book. Been googling all day about recipes, salicylates, leaky gut…

What i ate today:

Meal 1/lunch: juliet apple, chicken rice, papaya

Tea: rooibos

Vitamins: i think i ate some tablets of c and lactogg

Meal 2 & 3: rice with carrot slices, cabbage, brocolli and bits of pork

On another note, i think both my palms feel amazing today, except the patch on my right palm, below the small finger.. I kinda forgot my palms had been so bad before! I didnt really take pics in between though.