Day 478 – 1yr 3mths ++++ – sleep and drowsy antihistamines

so yesterday, after months of procrastination, i took a drowsy antihistamine and slept a whooping 12hours or so. I took the antihistamine around 6pm after dinner and climbed into bed around 9pm when i started feeling alittle drowsy. I was in bed for awhile until i felt so weak that i didnt even wrap my arms and fell asleep. I think its safe to say i didnt do destructive scratching during my sleep yesterday. There was some light scratching though. 

I woke afew times during the night, not to itch, but a sudden urge to check the time. I was like “SHIT, WHAT TIME IS IT? DID I OVERSLEPT?!” But it was fine. I only had to wake after 9am. 

I was concerned about the time required medicine to stop making me drowsy. Some drugs, drug me a good 18hours. Its less intense than the first 3hrs but it makes me half dead or gives me brain fog? I still feel alittle “not awake” at times. But now at 2pm, i kinda feel the medicine’s drowsy effect is gone. 🙂

What i ate today:

Grilled chicken wrap, yeo’s sweetened lemon barley drink, matcha pumpkin seeds,


Kfc chicken porridge, cousin’s homebaked chocolate chip muffin, rice with dark green veg, rice vermicelli with green chilli, green veg and fried sweet youtiao, some taiwan mochi and matcha pumpkin seeds