Day 147 – oozy day

Legs feeling sticky all day. My arms are shedding fine flakes today. Its the cycle! Red and warm, then shedding.. Then healing. Hopefully! But my left arm is still alittle warm today. Both arms still looking abit pissed red. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice and slice of papaya

Dinner x2: chicken with ginger and rice with cucumbers 

Sins: papa roti bun?(coffee bun) and a couple of rice crackers

I want to eat everything in sightttt! This is probably my pms symptom. Argh! I want some butter cookies and a buttery pastry bun. Argh! I wana crunch into some salty spicy yummy potato chipppss. Dam. Okay. Gotta stop.

Orange is the new black 3 has air-ed guys. Binge watching ftw~~