So, i bought yet another new keyboard! This time, its a mechanical keyboard. Oh god, people are not kidding when they say typing on one is fun. It is.

So yeah, back to my skin…


TBH i feel that the celery is helping me. It cant be anymore coincidental.

Ever since i started in Feb 2019, the ooze on my face has dwindled, its just left with redness now. Cant really say i dont ooze anywhere, but that terrible crusty yellow ooze is really really minimal. it only happens on that stubborn spot on my feet.

What i’ve been doing:

  • Daily celery juice (non-organic becos i cant afford organic. I mainly juice Sumich aussie celery thats like S$3.50 for 800g~1.2kg a pack). I mostly aim to drink ~450ml first thing in the morning or 2hrs after a meal
  • Oregano oil
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Milk thistle (imma just continue this as some kinda tonic for my liver. idk if my liver is the issue, but im thinking it probably is?)
  • Zinc Picolinate (on and off)
  • Probiotics (once in a blue moon)

Cant deny im semi happy about being able to stop TCM without much consequences. I did think im reliant on it. But i havent taken any for like… 2months?

Skin conditions

Generally very good imho. My arms and legs are good, overall dry and strong. Face is mostly dry too. Some days its more red than others. Yellow crust is almost none? (yay! yellow crust looks terrible. Im glad i “look normal” now than ever). My fingers have some fantastic recovery this week. The fingers on my right hand was terrible past 2 weeks, this week they seem to be slightly stronger. Index finger is still alittle fragile.


Now that i am sane, its more pressing than ever to return to the workforce. Im excited too, to finally “get back with life”. Cant deny too tho, that i am as anxious as excited. Theres this inertia tho. I know the first step is always difficult… Its always difficult to break out.. But i need to do it. And my screwed up resume..