Day 125 – itchy morning & day 126 – peace

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kiku apple And 3 rice cakes with pickled radish

Lunch: breaded fried fish fillet, herbal chicken and white rice with white cabbage

Dinner: Venison meat, fish fillets, chicken cooked in soup with pork bits, veg, salmon sashimi, fried pork rib

It was an itchy night. I ate an expired aerius tablet in the evening and had a great night’s sleep. Also, i ate a clove of garlic (horrible experience) which i detailed in another special post. Go read it! 

Day 126 – peace

What i ate:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice with kiku apple and rooibos tea! 

Dinner: chicken rice

Woke up with not much major scratch fest. In my sleep i remember scratching my fragile left calf, omg. But i immediately felt some pain and was like “omfg Jo, what are u doing?!” And immediately stopped. I did scratch my wrists but thankfully not much damage was done. 

Peaceful day which i slacked. bringing my folks to eat dimsum at orchard tmr. 🙂 

Anddd theres ants marching into my room! Gah! I hate these irritating shits. Using my brother’s ant killer for it. I hope it works. No ants shall feast on my dead skin.