Day 252 – low zumba day

Both my feet are not very swollen today. Awesome. I wore my nike flyknits out today. I totally forgot to pack in my adidas trackpants for zumba this evening. Had to go home for it. 

My left foot kinda hurts alittle when walking now -_- im kinda concerned

The haze is bad today too. It hit 300+ in west side! Madness. I was hesitating if i should attend the zumba class. I went anyway and didnt regret it 🙂 aaahhh. Was it a crush? 

What i ate:

Breakfast: mcd chicken muffin and egg tart

Lunch: fried chicken chop horfun and egg tart and sugar banana

Dinner: none

My hands are like.. Want to heal and dont wanna heal -_- 



Day 251 – tcm sunday

I sold one of my CPA study material book for SGD40! Windfall. The hassle to rush there for the deal after tcm was worth it. 

The effects of acupuncture is always apparent… Less swollen tonight. My left leg groin area still have that swollen lymphnode.. Those on the right side are much smaller. Pea sized maybe

What i ate:

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: lailai kitchen’s roasted pork and charsiew rice and some caixin. And a tong heng eggtart.

Been wanting to buy some Gelatin to eat after the tcm mention that it maybe a good idea. Im kinda settled on Great Lakes collgen hydrolysate. I’ve been reading and reading… Is there a diff between collagen supplements and gelatin supplements? Are they the same? 

I’ve been alittle bumped about which to get. Cow or pork gelatin. Cow sources can be cleaner. Grassfed cows vs junk rubbish fed pigs… Then today i found out theres “marine source” collagen, which supposedly is better? So many different terms. Collagen peptides, gelatin, collagen hydrolysate etcetcetc. Thinking to just get the collagen hydrolysate since it seems easier to eat.


Day 250 – lazy saturday

Day 249 was crazy. Well theres no jpn class today, i worked til 11.30 and slacked around til evening, where i caught a show with my friend. Night of day 249 was crazy. What was it? Sugar? Nightshades? But for that evening, the area above my toes were not swollen and my foot looks less swollen than usual. 

Evening of day 249 was itchy like mad. I wanted to eat an antihistamine, drowsy one.. But heck. Was lazy and didnt take any. Thankful to have survived the night.

Day 250 had a good start but later that night, things swelled abit. But the swelling does seem abit less.

Stuff eaten on day 249:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with chicken wing

Lunch: aston’s chargrilled chicken with brocolli, carrots and potato wedges

Junk: papaya, llaollao(banana, white chocolate sauce & crunch balls)

Dinner: nando’s mild spicy chicken pita (chicken tenders with spicy sauce, some nightshades…)

Day 250 food:

Late lunch: chicken rice

Junks: famous amos choco chip cookies, nougats, papaya, organic apple


Day 245 – finally

The waiting game is over for now. Energy pretty low today. And furrrggg! Aye needa eat better. I’ve been eating like junk. My left foot is slightly painful to exert on 😦 aaahhh. Getting worse omg. I dont even wanna do the 3mth tcm progress ~_~ no improvements on skin surface area seriously

Need to take it one day at a time…

What i ate today: 

Breakfast: papaya slice, kfc porridge and banana muffin and choco mochi bread x 2

Lunch: sweet sour pork rice with egg and thin slice of cucumber and popeyes fried fish and chicken 


Day 244:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: chicken rice strips horfun with half hardboiled egg and chocolate mochi bread and papaya slice

Day 243

Dinner: mcchicken with fries 😦 


Day 241 & 242 – big cheater

its raging. By the excuse of the bakery moving this weekend, i have been buying from the bakery daily. 

Went to see the tcm on thursday. He asked how im feeling about my condition HAHAHA. Not a good time. Im obviously half given up about it healing quickly and nicely. 

Apparently the menses herb he gave me last week was supposed to hasten the arrival of ze period. But no! It didnt quite work. Strange. It has been late for more than 1 week. How nice if there is herbs for it to come early! 

This morning i check my left leg. Theres little crusted over scab. Looked decent for a second. But meh. Not having much hope of it recovering anytime soon? 😦 it will be clean and raw for awhile before its full of peeling flaking skin. And stink. 

Decided to skip the outdoor zumba on friday. The PSI was about 150+ – 200. Decided to forgo $2.50 than live with negative health consequences. 

What i ate on  day 241:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with fishballs

Lunch: chicken with rice strips/horfun and half a hardboiled egg

Junks: papaya, mini choco mochi bread, pringles sour cream potato chips

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork and green veg

Day 242 (started new herb formula)

Breakfast: kfc porridge and lemon puff biscuit and 2 mini choco mochi bread and belgian choco waffle and papaya

Lunch: mcd fillet o fish with fries

Dinner: Nothing healthy. Ate a super sinful choco cornet and black angel(totally not worth my gluten budget!) 


Day 240 – 8mth mark

Hey everyone. Its been a long, tough 8mths. The past 2 or 3 mths have been soso. I didnt get a big flare that made me unable to sleep. But the redness and inflammation seems to have spread more on my legs. 

Skin and Symptoms summary:

Face: redness on both cheeks, not VERY red, but time to time they itch alittle. Other parts flake occasionally but not bothering me

Neck: nothing bothering me. Past month hasnt been a prob. I’ve been picking at the skin near the nape & hair though 😦

Arms: i would say they have been good past month, although theres abit of redness here and there. Nothing very serious and no red sleeves.

Hands/fingers: there is oozy spots but not THAT bad. Been covering with tissue and micropore tape.

Palms: past month there hasnt been widespread vesicles on the palm. Left palm is doing well most of the months. Right palm not so well. It was abit dry and crackly last week around the fingers and corner near the small finger. But as of today, its recovering well. 

Legs: gah. Easily worse and getting worse. Redness have been spreading. It seems my right leg has become just as bad.

Left calf & ankle: swollen much. Calf area redness is spreading and goes 1 circle near the sock line now. Also seems to be spreading upwards towards the knee.

Right calf & ankle: for past week n this week, it has been swollen much. Probably due to the lower calf getting bad. It looks like the left leg now -_- getting fleshy red. 

Sleep: i think im not getting enough. Ever since i started full time jpn classes, i work 9am to 11am. And i have to wake by 6am. I usually shower around 8pm and climb into bed around 12am? I sometimes wake to scratch but im not really frustrated like i was during the flare around Apr/May earlier this year. I would say im quite satisfied with sleep quality. 

Itch: i think its slightlyyy more itchy this month. Not sure if tcm has a foot in it. 

Follicle infections(those bumps with hair in the middle and are tender to touch): none! Been a peaceful month without it. If theres any, theres been VERY LITTLE.

Diet reflection: i’ve been eating olivenol and lactogg. Been cheating frequently on sugar. Been trying to eat more greens. Rarely, if not didnt drink protein shake. 


 What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Brunch/Lunch: kfc twister wrap (tomato, scrambled eggs and bits of fried chicken). Salad-Romaine lettuce, chickpeas, carrot, brocolli, chicken(pepper marinated) with sesame soy sauce dressing

Snacks: oreo biscuits, lemon puff biscuit, 5 mochi mini bread from sun moulin bakery(ITS HEAVENLY), slice of papaya, krispy kreme original glazed donut

Dinner: rice with pea sprouts? And soup.

Taking it a day at a time. Sigh. Crossing my fingers to turn a corner. 


Day 239 – cheating day

Recently, im just waiting and waiting… Yesterday i watched Inside Out. It wasnt a WOW movie. But i thought its an interesting way to show kids that emotions control us. And we can be optimistic about it. 

Thought my skin on right leg felt abit painful. Soaked in pail of acv, tea tree drops and epsom salt. Also chopped a clove of garlic in. First time adding garlic to the soak. Well garlic kills staph and i dont want any infections…

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: shaw regular popcorn, oreo cookies(mildly sweet)

Dinner: mcd mcwings x2, apple pie, small fries, brocolli, cauliflower, rice and melon soup with a piece of soup cooked pork


Day 237 (7mths 27 days)- relaxing weekend

i’ve been getting so lazy with updates. Part of it is because, there isnt much progress and its still so shitty 😦 

Skin today has been kinda itchy. Been spraying my leg with 50-50 acv. My right leg is quite swollen today too 😦 i hope its not because that calf too, has become quite bloody and fragile 😦 the skin on the ankle is quite wet and clammy too. 

I hope things turn around soon!

What i ate today:

Lunch/dinner: rice with chinese spinach and roast pork

Junks: pig biscuit, banana cake, slice of papaya


Day 229 & 230 – peaceful weekend

Cant help but feel helpless. My leg, yesterday and today, have been drying and peeling abit, cos partly i have soaked in afew days. 

So i soaked abit and gently exfoliated abit.

Sigh. Its been spreading. Day 230 is about 7.5mths+

Why aint i on the road to almost healed yet? 😦 sigh, i got to take it a step at a time. Its been a tough 7mths. At least mentally. Im glad my red sleeves are gone for now and i can sleep properly. People are greedy. Once we can sleep well and arms are normal, we want more. We want our legs to be good as well! 

Sigh. I guess i need to find a way to cope with my legs better. The journey of TSW is almost like accepting it will get worse and worse. Its like you need to keep telling yourself to keep calm and forge on. 

stuff i ate:

Day 229 – 

Late lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: instant noodles with sesame oil seasoning and korean pork veg dumpling

Day 230:

Lunch: chicken rice

Junks: 3 pig biscuits (YUM)

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork and veg



Day 227 & 228

day 227

What i ate:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with chicken wing and sun biscuit

Lunch: beef and veg bowl at yoshinoya

Dinner: rice with xiaobai cai and ginger chicken and soup

Day 228 – 

Woke up this morning with my left leg’s towel abit loose. I scratched the upper calf abit and there was a bloody wound there. 

Its friday! Zumba day. Hopefully its good enough. Darn. Zumba class isnt always enjoyable. 

Im liking my japanese class. Sensei says im good at reading. Seriously? I still stammer and am not very confident in it. Lots of japanese homework to doooo.

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge and toastbox eggtart

Lunch: isetan food republic’s sweet sour pork rice with egg and imperial treasure bakery’s eggtart and wife biscuit