Day 311 – leg pics

its been a long time since i posted pics of my legs. Somehow it feels like it got worrrseee.

The ankles are recovering.. Other areas feel like its spreading


What i ate today:

Breakfast: oreo cookies, mcd’s sausage muffin

Lunch: cucumber sushi roll

Dinner: rice with green veg and melon soup

Day 310

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: subway roasted chicken breast wrap with lettuce, cucumber and honey mustard dressing (felt itchy after eating)

Dinner: vanilla oreo cookies


Day 307 – been flaring

i’ve been flaring. Last week there were signs and the tcm just declared that im flaring. Lol. Well, i suggested to him that i was.

My current symptoms:

  • Terrible itch at night -> cant sleep properly, wake every 2hrs or so
  • Red and raised spots
  • Terrible skin at places where its usually soft, clear and nice.

Wet clammy skin near ankles..

TSW is really unpredictable.. My taiwan trip in mid dec is giving me some stress :/ since i need to bunk with a relative… Gah.. If its a random outsider, i wont give a f. Im kinda darn tired of people commenting on my arm thats full of microtape patches. I swear i will tell the next nosey lady “dont ask” to shut them up. How i wish i could scrunch my face up and give them a “f off” kinda face. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: char siew rice

Junks: coffee bean’s red velvet cake


Day 307:

Lunch: yoshinoya’s chicken karage rice bowl and green bean soup with small slice of tapioca?

Dinner: chicken rice

Day 306:

Breakfast: char siew roast pork rice

Lunch: wrap (romaine lettuce, chickpeas, carrots, brocolli, roasted sesame dressing)

Dinner: chicken porridge

Junks: blackball milk tea without sugar and ice


Day 303 – more pimples & tcm?

I kinda panicked alittle yesterday when i saw so much spots on my thighs and arms. Emailed the tcm and he suggested that i see him today. And i did. Class was cold today and i developed some flu and was cold when i saw him. Told him that and he gave me some tablets. 5 tablets for 3 times a day! Gosh so many to swallow. 

My neck has been darn itchy and dry and bad skin. So is my face. Argh. 

But today i tried to dye my hair with La Riche Directions Cerise. Check out the pinkish test streaks! Afew days ago i bleached my hair. It didnt turn out as light and blonde as i wanted, but oh wells. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: subway roasted chicken with lettuce cucumber and honey mustard

Dinner: rice with onion and eggs, green veg, radish soup with dash of tumeric, clove of garlic


Day 302 – 10mths plus

its been a itchy scratchy night. Sigh. Woke up with my right hand having scratched off an elastic plaster. Its been kinda bad and itchy since the past few days. Is it because of the sugar? The souffle?

Also noticed my thighs is having some spots again. 

 So much plasters on my hand… 
Day 302:

Breakfast: kfc porridge 

Lunch: kfc original twister, mochi sweet potato imo, chocolate swiss roll

Junks: butter soda biscuit, 2 caramelised lotus biscuit

Dinner: rice with green veg and melon soup with a large clove of garlic and dash of tumeric

Day 301:

Breakfast: mcd sausage muffin and black tea

Lunch: ham and cheese bread and hoshino coffee’s fuwa fuwa egg souffle and rice with ham and mushrooms(waitress mentions that it contains beef stock)

Dinner: rice with ginger chicken and dark green veg

Day 300:

Lunch: hoshino coffee’s matcha souffle

Dinner: chicken horfun and chicken porridge


Day 299 – almost 10months now!

Went to JLPT 4 prep class empty handed. Totally didnt complete any homework. But today i have been a good girl. Finished 70% of the homework given out today. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: yellowtail fishball noodle with rice strips at ion. 

Lunch: coffee bean’s matcha latte with tiramisu cake

Junks: oreo mildly sweet x afew packets

Dinner: Subway roasted chicken breast wrap with cucumber, lettuce, honey mustard and egg mayo scoop

What i ate on day 298(lazy friday):

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: salad (romaine lettuce, chickpeas, carrot, brocolli, chicken seasoned with pepper and roasted sesame dressing)

Dinner: rice with melon soup with tumeric, ginger chicken, spinach? And other green veg


Day 296 – starbucks breakfast

woke up this morning and was peeling my tissues off my legs. Seems my right ankle and lower calves are weepy much. Tsk. Was it the scratching or what? Left leg was just slightlyyyyy weepy. On the areas which i scratched abit. But mostly dry. To be honest im kinda glad that the left leg remained dry and skin looking dry. Hope it recovers soon! 

Decided to have a starbucks bread breakfast after much raves from a friend who keeps complaining that the bread is sold out each time she wanted to eat it. Turns out its not that great. *disappointed* feels like i have wasted a good amount of my gluten budget 😱 and coffee budget. Coffee really irritates the gut. Soon after drinking it, i already feel some need to go to the toilet. I do not usually poop so early in the morning. Sometimes i only poop when im back home in the late afternoon/early evening! I think i need to eat cleanly for the next few days. Been eating quite alot of gluten for the past few days and having quite afew caffeine drinks. I think this afternoon i will have caffeinated lipton tea or something again. :S 

Also went to the tcm today. According to him, he checked my tongue and said im totally very “heaty”. Tongue according to him, was red with a greasy coat. Think i shall monitor the appearance of my tongue myself. He said i should balance my heatiness with fruits and veg. Hmmm. Shall try it.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: papaya, panda cookie, starbucks cranberry, kaya, butter panini and black coffee

Lunch: horfun with fried chicken chop 

Dinner: sushi tei ‘s beef sukiyaki and soft shell crab maki

The itch at night during midnight is… Quite intense. So intense that i lost my cool and scratched my arm bloody. Changed most of my micropore tapes yesterday night and popped aerius/desloratadine and lactogg. Im thankful that i didnt scratch madly during the night. Also i wrapped my right arm with towel and  wore an arm sock over it. I think i’ll probably have scratched off my arm micropore tapes during my sleep.


Day 295 – been lazy

today is a public holiday in singapore! Yay! Im actually on the way to watch a concert. Yay! 

Skin update:

Legs have been tame and dry, but fingers and arms are a mess. Wonder why.

Yesterday has been not bad. Energy was high but not much chance to exert.

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: white chicken rice

Junks: panda cookie

Dinner: swiss bake banana puff, chocolate peanut pretzel and shokudo aglio olio pasta (with bacon) and yuzu tea

What i ate on day 294(zumba day!):

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: yakitori pork, chicken x2, chicken ball and rice with seaweed sprinkles

Others: coffee bean’s green tea latte

Dinner: rice with peppery pork rib soup with clove of raw garlic and sprinkles of tumeric

Day 293 – lazy sunday: 

Late lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: xin wang’s hot yuzu tea, papaya milk beehoon with chicken chop, chopped kailan, mango pomelo sago and icecream, fried rice (1 spoonful) and 1 bite of fried sweet sour chicken wing

Day 292 – busy sat:

Not seeing the tcm today, taking JLPT prep class in the morning and a test in the late afternoon. 

Breakfast: chicken horfun

Lunch: coffee bean’s green tea latte and chocolate cake (YUM!!)

Dinner: yoshinoya’s karage chicken rice bowl