Day 610 – 1yr 8mths – Lectins

Today someone in the health champions facebook group shared a post which gave me an AHA! moment. It was relating to the Paleo diet and why they do not eat legumes(lentils, beans) as part of the paleo diet.

Then i found out about lectins. This is a informative website about lectins. This website shows how lectin causes or worsens leaky gut. So apparently all the food im allergic to maybe high in lectins. And it also gave me a possible explanation to why i had a flare afew weeks ago, which beans (garbanzo chickpeas and mungbeans) were suspected.

This further confirms all my doubts that the root of the problem is in my gut…

I began to eat a more vegetarian diet upon watching videos from nutritionfacts.org, which mentions firstly, meat causes inflammation because of endotoxicity in the gut because of existing leaky gut. Then i found eating a more fruits and vegetables and less processed food diet leads to lower overall inflammation. Great. thats all i wanted. So i did. Then i realise my protein intake is low because of excluding meat. I need a protein source right? I was thinking not to rely on protein supplements, because, i want to eat in a sustainable way and i should find wholefood sources of plant protein. And there it is. Beans. Beans surprisingly moderates blood sugar too, according to nutritionfacts.org, which is extra good! So i started with chickpeas. Mini flare. Then mungbean soup. Another flare. There may be other factors and loose diet adherance but this is too much of a coincidence i think?