Day 620 – 1 yr 8.5mths – Naturopath 2

Just went back to see Dr Radhika today(friday). Told her about my insomnia and other stuff and she still thinks im stressed out -_- she totally doesnt believe that my insomnia is caused by my wrecked body. -_- I keep telling her i aint got no stress. I have no work stress(main stressor), so what can be stressing me out? Probably the fact that i need to sleep and wake up in time for part time work? -_- She suggested me to see a doctor for hypnosis etc :S Not too comfy with that. Neither do i have the money..

She gave me Carlson Vitamins ACE + Selenium & Zinc and also Magnesium for sleeping. I took 2 magnesium pills that night. It made me sleepy but didnt keep me sleeping throughout. I still woke up around 2am, 4am…

She also recommended i buy some glutamine gut healing powder from iherb, which i bought. Also bought more quercetin, since i felt that it does help when i took it.

Also, since at the time of shopping im alittle desperate to sleep, I bought melatonin 1mg time release, just incase. Just incase im f-shit desperate and cant sleep.

But for the past 2 days, i’ve been feeling better. I think its from sleeping slightly better. On friday i took 2 magnesium pills(150mg each), didnt sleep well. Weekends i took 1 each night. Surprisingly better sleep. LOL. I was worried the effect would be like taking drowsy anti-histamines, where the effect is not as good if you took it daily.

What i ate:

Sat: rice with bbq pork, chicken , rice vermicelli with long beans, cabbage?

Sun: Koka chicken pho instant rice noodles, chendol, rice with cabbage, dark green veg, rice crackers

Monday: Rice vermicelli with pumpkin, bean sprouts, cauliflower, slice of papaya