Day 555 (1 yr 6mths+) – Bad times

Alot has happened since my last post. I feel like i havent been updating this blog much. I keep telling myself every evening to take pics of my legs but procrastinated like crap.

The good 🙂 news:

For one, my left calf (worst hit TSW area) has cleared up nicely and the skin is smooth and healthy! I have stopped taping gauze to it when i need to get dressed to leave house. Currently i still gauze up my left feet/ankle + right calf.

The bad 😦 news:

Fingers are driving me crazy. So is ear oozing and crusting my specs & hair. I’ve grown immune to the patch on my cheek.

Problem areas:

  • Right calf patch – red angry & occasionally i need to scratch til it ooze and bleeds
  • Right side of neck – itchy. Stress scratching area?
  • Fingers – Fragile, thin skin and red
  • Palm – vesicle ish, thin skin and red
  • Left arm biceps outside – one little angry circle thats itchy
  • Left/right arm elbow insides – red and itchy time to time
  • Ears – inside oozing sometimes
  • Ears – outside oozing & crusting on my specs & hair


Other mentionables:

  • Sleep – Sane enough currently.
  • Swelling – Close to zero
  • Itch level – it was HIGH for this few days, not sure if its diet induced

On sunday after acupuncture, it was my mother’s birthday. They decided to eat Bah Kut Teh (Pork ribs cooked peppery soup?) To be honest, i was quite concerned. Because i flared madly terribly on drinking bone broth last year. Also felt superbly itchy drinking soup from Soup Master (those soup thats cooked so long its cloudy and flavourful). So that dinner I had the soup, one pork rib, afew button mushrooms, afew bites of “mei cai” (preserved veg of some kind? It wasnt salty), tau pok in black sauce, afew fried dough fritters to go with the soup. Also had some raw garlic with the rice. It was surprisingly hot and garlicky. I also had Earl grey milk tea after that. But that night was kinda calm.

Resisting temptations +1

Yesterday my mum asked me if i had my dinner. I said no. Then she said, “I bought some banana fritters from the fair downstairs, do you want one? Its still hot.” I said no. OMG JO! I salute myself for rejecting it. I LOVE FRIED BANANAS! (Truth is, im feeling itchy like crap and could cut out additional frustration on having the deep fried inflammatory food). For dinner i had Dark leafy greens with tumeric/black pepper in radish soup. A tad sad. And ate drowsy pink anti-histamine to sleep.


I recently discovered this website called nutritionfacts.org which talks about a variety of health issues and stuff. It says tumeric + black pepper is kinda potent, it squeezes the gallbladder abit o_o

Also, recently i’ve been eating a more plant based diet after being semi brainwashed by the site. Apparently eating meat causes some inflammation because of the dead bacteria toxic load. And saturated fat made it worse. Actually afew weeks back, I ate a packet of fatty roasted pork rice and googled “meat inflammation” and found that website. My palm got SOOO ITCHY afew hours after eating it so i had to google and calm myself down. The vegetarian food stall was crowded so i bought the roasted pork rice to eat. Usually my afternoons are rather calm after having vegetarian rice.

On eating vegan/vegetarian/plant based

Theres alot of talk on nutritionfacts.org about the benefits of a plant based diet, from lowering cancer risk to heart diseases/inflammation etc. I think eating a STRICTLY vegetarian diet can be extreme IMHO. Despite, i think having an open chest surgery is also extreme. I mean, if you tell anyone(even girls) to stop eating meat and only eat vegetables for life, it IS pretty extreme isnt it? But I certainly dont mind being a weekday vegetarian and weekend meat eater. I mean if i eat vegetarian for lunch, im as good as a half vegetarian? Im still eating plants for 50% of my life right?

My biggest challenge on sticking to vegetarian diet is satiety. I dont feel satisfied after my veggie meals 😦 Its like eating white rice with soup + dark leafy greens. I feel like i need to eat something else. And for lunch, i get hungry easily. I saw on reddit that people said its the protein content & low caloric value of vegs. So i need to eat more. So i found i could eat beans for some protein. I actually bought some dried organic chickpeas to cook. But its still in the packaging and i’ve not cooked it yet. Still trying to find time. Im procrastinating.

I kinda think vegan/vegetarian are the same. Apparently they are not. Some vegetarians eat eggs & milk (like my cousins). But apparently vegetarians can also be fat and overweight. Drinking beer and eating fries can also be considered vegetarian. lmao. I guess the whole point is about cutting out processed food. As the doctor says “Any diet that says you cant eat sugar donut is a good diet”.


I feel terrible when i woke up to be honest. I wonder why im having such ITCHY past few days. Is it the farking tissue box? (The box of tissue dispenses half torn tissue every 2nd pull, which i internally curses inside each time i get one) . I almost wanted to bail on work today. I just. Am not in the mood for further stress. Today while im sleeping, i felt myself scratching something on my right fingers. And regretted in my sleep and starting to wrap my right fingers with the towel and proceed back to sleep. When i woke up, yeah they were weeping. Yesterday, i went out without wrapping any of my right fingers. Today? They are back in wraps. My left hand looks terrible. But at least its somewhat dry. Yesterday it was terrible. the webbing between fingers were weepy and soggy? ~_~ Im glad its alittle better today.

I also have this weird purple lump on my left ring finger. I think its an infection. Its painful to press it, it feels abit warm.. But its not like it got infected from overscratching. The skin is smooth and unbroken around it :S I shall just observe it in the mean time.

I also get afew body pimples here and there. I would eat garlic, but TCM mentions its heaty and pro-inflammation. Didnt know that!

Keep calm

I need to look back at my achievements and keep calm & carry on TSW!