Day 344 – been lazy

chicken nuggets. Woke up this morning to the sound of a storm outside and raw hands. I stopped covering the back of my right hand with tissue n micropore tape. Past few days it was doing fine without any cover so i left it. This morning it was quite raw but okay. Its slightly uncomfy due to its “rawness” but manageable. Also raw is my left leg’s top. Scratched it abit raw during my sleep. Scratched the ankle too but… Well that parts always been raw. 

Past few days have been f itchy! I ate afew desloratadine/aerius.

My foot has also been f swollen. Really really swollen. 

Weather is quack too. I wonder if the erratic weather changes made me like that. 

But the consolation is that my healthy skin is soft n smooth. Weird. Its quite rare that my skin ever feels like that. Its like slightly bouncy and nicely moisturised underneath, although the surface has some peeling skin. Weird right. 

My tummy is now smooth n soft n 75% recovered from previous flare. Left are some dark spots. Chest area has some pink spots but majority is nice n smooth soft skin. Neck is tricky. Its still itchy AF after showers and having random itch fest but its now more resistant to scratching. And recovering.

What i ate day 344:

Breakfast: sun biscuit sausage muffin with black tea

Lunch: sweet sour chicken rice with celery 

Dinner: rice with radish/melon soup and dark green veg

Day 343:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: gongcha earl grey milktea no sugar n pearls

Dinner: rice with dark green veg, sunbiscuit, banana biscuit

Day 342: 


Day 339 – back and lazy

back from Taiwan on sunday evening and today is christmas eve. Having a quiet, peaceful xmas at home and away from town. Awesome.

I think now my skin can be unpredictable. Not that anything big(flare) happened, but yeah, nothing can be said about this week yet. My left leg is so darn swollen yesterday evening. I also had a acv/dss soak yesterday after more than a week of not soaking.

What i ate 338:

Breakfast: kfc original twister, 3 sunbiscuit

Lunch: pastamania’s aglio olio, garlic bread, honey garlic chicken, beard papa’s choco eclair custard puff

Dinner: banana?

337 (acupuncture day)

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: pasta mania’s aglio olio pasta and fried chicken fillet and chippy’s fried mars balls with vanilla icecream

336 (xmas gathering with friends)

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: mushroom soup, aglio olio pasta, 2 slice of pizza(ham/cheese?) and chendol dessert with jackfruit slices

335 (taiwan departure day)

Breakfast: grand hyatt buffet – cereal with milk, poached eggs,

Lunch: steamboat – veg, rice, fried eggplant, chicken, pork. Bubble milk tea

Dinner: teriyaki chicken with veg/carrot and rice and vodka with coke


Day 329 – taiwan

i woke up at 3.30Am with lots of raw scratches on my hands. Guess im abit stressed about this trip. Dressed up and got ready to go out. In the end i only brought 1 pair of shoes. I had wanted to bring my nike flyknits!

My skin was SOOO dry on the airplane. Im glad i survived it. I applied cetaphil intensive moisturiser 3 times on my crackly oozy neck folds. 

Today’s weather is still bearable. I didnt pack my gloves in, i think my hands would love the glove. 

I am hating taiwan’s early sunset 😦

What i ate today:

Breakfast: banana cake, sweet sour fish with rice, fried noodles with carrot and veg and stewed pork And afew cups of oolong tea. Had lipton and rooibos too.

Lunch: multigrain bread with raisin and fruits and cake roll

Dinner: hawaiian pizza slice, cabbage, white rice, corn soup? , garlic bread, some preserved pork

Supper: AB yogurt drink


Day 321 – itchy business

Today! I sat for JLPT N4 exam! Its another step up the ladder. I wonder if my flare will finally subside now that the semi present stress is gone. 

Skin. Grah! In the evening i noticed more yellow pusty vesicles under my fingers. F. I think thats dyshidrotic eczema / pompholyx. At least its what the tcm said. I rubbed my fingers rather raw 😦 then i soaked in acv. I think it got worst. After i took my hand out, im rubbing like madddd! 😦 

In yesterday’s tcm session. Mark was saying he used 97 needles. Small ones. Achievement unlocked! 

I felt that my face is better these 2 days. 

Today day 322, it feels like my legions is calming down and getting less raised. I hope the calm healing continues!
What i ate on day 319:

Breakfast: porridge with pumpkin carrot and dash of tumeric powder and press of garlic

Lunch: 2 toriq chicken balls and chicken chop horfun with egg

Day 320:

Breakfast: bbq pork rice at ion

Late lunch: roasted chicken rice 

Day 321:

Breakfast: roasted chicken subway wrap (lettuce cucumber honey mustard)

Lunch: vegetarian fried rice with egg at Hans Joo Koon

Dinner: porridge with pork/chicken mince meat

Day 322:

Breakfast: porridge with pumpkin, green veg and carrot

Lunch: tamago sushi, 2 salmon sushi, cucumber maki, salad (romaine lettuce, carrot, cucumber, chickpeas and roasted sesame dressing)



Day 318 – be patient

these are the state of my arms.  Hopefully no red sleeves! 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: porridge with butterhead lettuce, carrot, pumpkin

Lunch: salad romaine lettuce, carrot, cucumber, chicken and roasted sesame dressing

Dinner: porridge with brocolli, pork and cabbage with a press of garlic



Day 317 – still flaring

spots on me are still red and raised 😦 i was thinking a good night’s sleep might fix it but nah! I want to say my legions look less red but i have my reservations 😦 im hoping for a better tomorrow.

Yesterday and past few days, my right ear has been OOOZING AND OOZING AND BLEEDING like nobody’s business. Its the part just outside the ear canal and behind the ear and the earlobe. Some parts of the ear bone outside is oozing too. During the day its nice and dry but at night… My pillow kinda has signs of a crime scene. Thankfully the people online advised me NOT to sleep on the ear or press it against the pillow(which i have been doing, silly me! I thought it will harden the ooze and stop it like stopping a bleeding wound! But no!) i woke up with a dry ear, pretty amazing. 🙂

I also met the tcm yesterday to get more herbs. He said hes seeing more flarings, probably due to weather. Darn! And less of what i ate that caused the flare. Someone on the fb group said during rainy days, it causes the fungal overgrowth/dampness in the body. Apparently i should really eat more garlic. I will! 

Im trying to be a vegetarian in effort to curb the inflammation and fungal problems.. At least til im back from my taiwan trip 😦 but its kinda hard! Salads daily? So expensive.. S$8 a meal.. I cant get over the fact that its expensive. 

Also i bought twinnings rooibos tea and some supplements. L-glutamine and quercetin bromelain. Doesnt seem to ease my itch. I took 2 tabs of quercetin bromelain yesterday and today but still felt itchy. Well…

What i ate:

Day 316:

Breakfast: salad. Romaine lettuce, carrot chickpea chicken and roasted sesame dressing

Lunch: chicken shreds horfun soup

Dinner: kfc chicken rice

Day 317: 

Breakfast: chicken rice

Lunch: none? Slice of papaya

Dinner: rice with green veg, butterhead lettuce and some ginger chicken