Starting on candida again

Things have become much more sane these past few days and im seeing much healing. Plz continue to heal. F i need a clear face to take a photo for my new identification card -_- Dang. Talk about facial eczema as a scar for the rest of my life? WHAT?

Yesterday i went to see the tcm again. Bill came to S$264. Ouch my wallet. *cries* Expensive AF. But guess i need the herbs. Probably gonna last me 1 month or 2.

Today my Candidase from enzymedica arrived. i took 1 capsule. recommended dose is 2 caps 3 times a day. But im afraid of the herx, so im gonna take it slow. 1 today, maybe 2 tomorrow when i wake up for the rest of the week. Then next week 2 caps twice a day. Hmmm. When i reach max dose then imma add in serrapeptase… hmmmm… and when im good with serrapeptase im going to start drinking pau d’arco again… (i’ve been drinking 1 teabag for past 1 week with barely any herx)

What supplements im taking right now:

  • Probiotics (VSL3) at bedtime 2 caps
  • doctors best Quercetin 2 caps after meal
  • doctors best digestive enzymes 2 before meal
  • enzymedica candidase between meals as described above
  • solgar zinc picolinate 22mg (when i remember)
  • tcm damp heat herbs


Yesterday i went out on a rather long errand trip before the tcm too. Because of the extreme flare, i have been homebound for about 5 to 6 weeks. Gosh i was walking so much and out in the sun, when i walked down the stairs at the train station, wth my legs were shaking. Talk about the muscle wasting during this 5 weeks of sitting infront of the pc. Previously my legs used to shake when i hiked downhill. Goodtimes. I hope to be able to hike soon!



I guess the past few days im finally seeing some light and healing.

To come out of this flare… thank god.

I switched to eating Enzymedica’s Digestgold with ATpro. So far so good. I felt like its effects is better than doctor’s best. I feel like i have much less wind.

Gonna buy Candidase and start on it soon as part of my candida plan. Im still abit hesitant about restarting serrapeptase tho. I wonder if serrapeptase triggered a flare or really did make me ooze more, or that its just bad timing with onset of a flare.

Woke up with somewhat good skin and i drank 1 teabag of Pau D’arco. No big reactions so far, thank god.

I also noticed my anxiety is lower now that my skin is more dry overall. Thank god.

Please heal up, i cant wait to get out of house!!