Day 218 – 220

Day 218

Im sleeping quite well recently. I think im just dead tired.

What i ate:

Breakfast: white rice vermicelli (shrimps again) with fishcake and 2 rainbow kueh 

Lunch/dinner: *cant remb what i ate*

Day 219 – cheater day


What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge & bread talk chocolate marble bread

Lunch: llaollao yogurt(banana, crunch, cookie sauce), salad(chicken, romaine lettuce, cucumber & sesame dressing? & 5 pieces of mung bean pastry (doushabing)

Dinner: rice with veg and chicken 

Day 220

What i ate:

Breakfast: leftover choco marble bread and je interchange fried rice vermicelli

Lunch: bread talk egg tart 

Dinner: rice with chicken and pea sprouts? 

I wish i could say the left leg’s swelling is reduced. But no 😦 

Soaked my leg in acv, epsom salt and tea tree oil today. The back of the ankle is kinda tight and peeling and uncomfy. Thought the soak might help, and i think it did.


Day 215 – 217 

Day 215 – acupuncture day

For todays acupuncture, there was 1 needle thru clothes near the groin ~_~ and neck area. Also got new formula for the hives.. In the evening the foot was just as swollen ~_~ did my japanese class just undo some of my progress with tcm?

What i ate:

Lunch: chicken rice

Late lunch: roast pork char siew rice and fried banana, tapioca cake

Dinner: subway egg mayo wrap (lettuce, cucumber & onion) 

Day 216 – lazy sunday

What an awesome day. Free days are sooo much treasured. Slept til im satisfied and then Did some japanese homework and idled. Awesome. 

What i ate: 

Lunch: roast pork/charsiew rice

Junks: chinese pastry, lemongrass tea

Dinner: chicken rice & tandoori chicken pizza slice and 2 pieces of hawaiian pizza

Day 217 – flyknit experiment day

Wore my new nike flyknit out. Its a bitch to wear 😦 Its not like the conventional kind where you could just slip into. But wells. Gosh. I’ve been limping half the day today. The heel of the shoe dug so hard at my peeling heel that it turned it red and raw -_- i pondered how to make myself more comfortable and last the zumba class. Finally stuffed a thick wad of toilet paper at the heel. Seems to help abit. 

The shoe somehow changes my natural gait or walking style? Perhaps im not used to it? Or the non uniformly placed “air pods” creates a imbalanced sole bed?

Low energy levels today for zumba. Didnt dance much. Partly cos of the shoe. Not used to it and its abit too tracky or grippy. Too sticky to the wooden flooring. Moreover im afraid to exert cos of the raw painful heel. Anyway i also feel a general low blood sugar i guess. 

I totally feel like i wore a 5inch heel today. Pretty swosh but painful 😦


What i ate:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with egg and fishcake (realise theres afew dried shrimps around 😦 )

Lunch: Chicken horfun 

Dinner: rice with veg and sweet sour pork



Day 212 – 214 -> the same thing happens

day 212 

What i ate: 

Breakfast: fried beehoon with fishballs

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: seasalt lentil chips

Left leg swelled quite abit today. Maybe its because of the hives lately.

Day 213 – same old

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc chicken porridge

Lunch: chicken horfun

Junk: 1 bread talk marble bread

Dinner: rice with soup and veg and some chicken

I ordered a new pair of Nike shoes – flyknit zoom agility for zumba and it was delivered! My left leg was swollen but fits. But not comfortable since the toe area is narrow and my leg is swollen there. But the shoe is surprisingly bouncy 🙂 

Today theres new hives spots in the morning, weird. It wasnt extremely cold. Bought hot tea to drink during the class. 

Day 214 – improvement

What i ate today:

Breakfast: mcd’s chicken muffin with egg and hashbrown

Lunch: some leftover bread from yesterday

Dinner: shilin chicken with veg and soup and some pork cooked in soup

This morning, there is some new hives spots but not alot. Its a great improvement compared to afew mornings. Decided to wear a thin longsleeve turtle neck shirt out. 


Day 211 – japanese class hives attack?!

mailed my TCM doctor again and went to meet him today. So he said its hives. HIVES! From ITSAN, its said that tsw people get it near the end of their withdrawl journey. But wtf! I dont think im even halfway through yet! Not really a time for me to be “happy” about getting this new symptom 😦

Suspicions: it cant be the food. I have gotten it consecutively two days in a row. And it starts during japanese class. It must be it. I suspected that it might be the aircon too cold. But seriously, im fine with the temperature and dont really need to wear a jacket. Today i brought my thin jacket along and somehow felt its slightly better? But stilllll! Eruptions everywhere. And this evening i noticed my thighs are spotty and red! I hope its the hives from cold and not a flare!

My right hand or rather palm is so not doing well. Feels alittle painful at the edge where there is the cracks 😦 and middle finger underside is alittle swollen and tender to touch. 

I had wanted to eat some sugar loaded llao llao yogurt today but passed 😦 i wonder if it will aggravte the hives.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with fishcake and egg

Lunch: eggtart and charsiew pastry

Dinner: rice with brocolli and pork



Day 210 – mth 7!

gosh, 7mths of TSW done. Mixed feelings. The past few months had ups and downs.. It felt like month 4-7 had slow and mixed progress. 

Today i also attended my first Japanese class! I felt i had forgotten everything i learnt 5years ago. Its strange, i went to class and got white bumps on my fingers. Not sure if its cos my colourful pens were dirty from storage or just that the classroom is dirty. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: fishballs with rice vermicelli soup

Lunch: chicken rice at jp

Dinner: green tea latte




Day 207 – 209

Day 207 – itch?

its weird that i scratch quite the most in office.

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken rice

Junks: lotus biscuit, banana, 

Dinner: cant remb! Lol

Day 208 – acupuncture day

Had a mini scratch fest in bed. Was scratching the left calf, near the healthy skin -_-

Todays acupuncture was slightly different. More needles around right leg, but doesnt seem to feel much difference. 

What i had:

Lunch: chicken hor fun from ion and fizzy h20

Dinner: charsiew rice from lailai and chocolate jidanzai

Day 209 – indoor baseball batting!

Lunch: coco ichiban’s chicken cutlet curry rice

Junks: korean green tea/mango bingsu

Dinner: soup spoon’s chicken peppery soup (alittle itchy after dinner)

Went to a batting cage to bat baseball/softball for the first time. It was quite fun, although i was a total noob and hit so little times. 


Day 204 – 206

Day 204 – peace

Woke up today, skin didnt ooze exceptionally much.

What i ate:

Lunch: fishball rice vermiceilli

Dinner: sweet sour pork with rice?

Day 205 – itchy day

Emailed my tcm again, to tell him that wow, tonight the swelling is significantly less, despite today being a f! Itchy day for me. My toes were kinda raw when i took my socks off during the shower. But the feet wasnt very swollen at all tonight. 

I went to Orchard for Ikoma’s placement test(not really a test, just discussion of what i have studied at Bunka) . They have Bunka’s curriculum *amazed* . I ended up eating mcd as dinner at 9pm -_- still abit stressed about how to go about enrolling.

What i ate:

Lunch: salmon chilli don 

Junks: papaya, banana, pocky, dousha bing

Dinner: mcd’s grilled chicken wrap(lettuce, tomato slice..) and twister fries 😦 i know i sinned

Day 206 – peace

What i ate: 

Lunch: buckwheat pasta with chicken fillet and boiled carrots

Junks: papaya, dousha bing, pocky

Dinner: rice with brocolli, cauliflower and sweet sour pork with soup and 2 instant lava chocolate cake

It was alittle itchy after eating the chocolate lava cake. I wonder if theres any connection -_- also realise i tend to fart abit after eating this instant chocolate cake. BUT ITS THE LAST OF IT. Not gonna buy anymore. And with this it starts my “no extra sugar” fast. 

My left leg is slightly more swollen that yesterday night. Didnt go out today. Was it why?