Day 101 – no humanity left

So i said that i was gonna resign and submitted my resignation letter today. I thought i had the right to clear my leave and shorten my notice period but no! They decided i must serve 1 month of notice and that im probably not allowed to clear any annual leave left. It made Jo totally sad. Not sure if i can stand another round of stress. Not sure if my skin will make it. i felt like there was no humanity left in my manager. I felt that she thinks i deserved my current condition. Oh wells. There is totally nothing left in me to do good work for the company. Good riddance to working for such bosses. Cheer up Jo!

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken (this has like became my staple)

Lunch: rice with spicy chicken and fried fish fillet

Dinner: rice with melon soup and brocolli

It seems my right elbow insides is reducing in redness. My left arm is still swelling abit and flaking like mad. 

My legs… I hope the redness is subsiding in the inner calves.