Day 95 – remain hopeful

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken and small organic apple

Lunch: watercress soup cooked with goji berries and pork, rice, herbal chicken cooked with goji berries/red date, green veg

Dinner: rice with bittergourd soup with pork ribs(had afew bites) and veg

Skin is still as bad 😦 im getting abit panicky. Im thinking of resignation.. Is it becos im stressed about the company’s budgeting cycle? I wont deny that i am. Quitting is inevitable. I just wish to hold out for 1 more mth til i get my medical report…

Today i woke up with my left eye slightly swollen. I wonder why the f! I slept early yesterday and i woke up worse?! I wonder if my skin is even sensitive to the eye wax or tears now. My face is getting red and patchy and itchy. All my colleagues asked what happened to me. My boss said “the fear of detoxing and flares is that it might not stop. ” i just smile and nod and let her talk. I cant be bothered to win them over to TSW. They wont understand anyway. They just want me to work and crunch their numbers. Bummer. 

No way am i going back to steroids, having come so far as to 3mths.. Perhaps my full body flare and red sleeves is coming. I got to prepare for the worst… Am i ready for it yet? 😦

I read quite abit on ITSAN forums today. Seems alot of forum members get their worse from mths 3 to 6, with their red sleeves appearing then. Aaahhhh… Take it a day at a time Jo.



Day 91 – be hopeful

Skin is in a wreck. A bad flare episode can really break you. If you let it. Its making me want to take next week off work. But bleh, i cant… 

What i ate today: 

Breakfast/lunch: small organic apple, some rice crackers, fish soup with rice (bought from downstairs coffee shop) 

Dinner: some horfun(rice strips) with alittle meat and coconut water

Skin is spotty today like yesterday. My leg is so very bad. The weather is hot. In the end i didnt go out to buy my fitness tracker. And i dont think i wanna go take a walk tomorrow morning in state. I cant wait for my skin to heal -_- or be alittle better. I need some hope…