TSW Food and lifestyle/routine

I felt that my TSW flares were closely related to my food. At least the major flares that happened, were because of a specific enough meal that i could identify.

Things got serious 1 month after my TSW and since then, here are the things i go by:

  • No Eggs
  • No Soy related things including tofu/beancurd
  • No Nightshade stuff (but lots of soups had goji berries which i cant totally avoid)
  • No Prawn/hebi/most seafood
  • No Duck meat
  • No Peanut/general nuts (almond, walnut etc)
  • No Wheat and wheat made stuff (no bread, chinese noodles, pasta)
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • Minimal processed food like nuggets/hot dog/ham/bacon/salami etc
  • Minimal tea with caffeine
  • Minimal dairy (but i cheat on commercial yogurt like llao llao)
  • Minimal fish & salmon (my known fish histamine related allergen)
  • Minimal sugar and cookies/biscuits
  • I try to eat as much protein as possible (i quit chicken for afew months once and found i weep alot more. And the weep didnt stop until i ended my chicken fast. That makes me think the lack of chicken protein really messed with my skin healing)

But of cos, Jo is human and she will cheat. She usually cheats when her skin condition is good or when theres special events (birthdays etc). But she will NEVER eat anything known to contain prawn.

I flare when i drink bone broth(chicken/fish bones cooked 5-24hrs with celery and carrot) and someone pointed out to me that i might be histamine intolerant. Made sense to me, also explained why i flare on eating panfried salmon and subway sandwiches with deli meat(ham/bacon etc)


I attend a dance fitness class once a week, other than that, once in a blue moon i may take a walk.

I usually shower once a day and soak my legs in a pail every other day in the evenings. I usually put afew spoons of epsom/dead sea salt, tea tree oil and sometimes apple cider vinegar.

For weeping areas, i will tape gauze over it(to absorb the ooze) when i need to get out of house. At home, i wont bandage anything unless it gets in the way (eg arms/wrist) . If it drops ooze, i wipe it away/dab dry with tissue paper.

When sleeping, to reduce scratch damage, i will wrap my legs and arms in towel. If its weeping i will place tissue on it then wrap with towel. In the morning when i wake, i will rinse my legs in the shower and wash the tissue off.

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