Iherb loot

Just received these from the mail! The vitamin D drops are omfg expensive. Also i forgot to take a pic with the Now organic tea tree oil. The gelatin is a surprisingly big tin. 

Tried the Great Lakes Gelatin hydrolysate earlier. The instruction says to take 2 table spoons twice a day. But i shall just start slow. I actually didnt know how to get the powder out and had to google some youtube videos to see how other people poured the powder out. So they actually pour it out slowly thru the round hole. Darn. I hate that theres no lid on it. 

About the taste: it actually dissolves quite well in room temp water and theres no obvious beefy taste. And the dissolved liquid is clear as well! 



So today, after shower i had my usual scratch fest. I applied moogoo on my right and tea tree cream on the left. Gotta say the moogoo works alittle! Indeed its less itchy after awhile *surprised* today’s scratch episode also subsided faster than usual *thinks to self: O.o is it for real?* 

What i bought: 

Moogoo irritable skin balm – thicker than tea tree cream. No burning sensation on application

Thursday plantation tea tree cream – thin and watery. May sting/burn when there is open wounds. 



Loot from iherb

Not that im promoting. Im just buying for my own experiments.

So i heard tea tree oil is anti bacterial and stuff, good to ward off infections, so i had to get it! 

I bought the cream, the oil, and a shampoo. I think i wanna ditch my head and shoulders. It probably irritates the weepy wounds. 

Tea tree oil 

Now i finalllllyyyy know how tea tree oil smells like. It smells weird. But i will get used to the smell. Today i just dropped afew drops into my soaks. Pail soak was okay, hand soak was abit itchy after soaking(becos it was dry?) 3 drops in the hand soak(maybe too much) and 3 drops in the pail. 

Dandelion root tea. Heard its good for inflammation. Shall try it. But on the box it days something about tasting bitter :S maybe i shall drink it when i feel like having alcohol.

By the way, in the past few days, i have been drinking this ginger/lemon tea at work daily. Its kinda fun to drink these “exotic” tea at work. The tea’s packaging is so pretty! Im quite a sucker for nice packaging. I dont know, i just feel very impressed that the company took effort to decorate the insides of the box. This too is available from iherb but i bought it at a local organic shop. 


Alright, i gonna sleep now 🙂 happy weekends!


New stuff i bought!

I know i’ve talked about these that i bought in my previous posts, but heres a pic!


Sudocrem S$12+ for 60g
Read on blogs and ITSAN forums that its quite effective. So when i saw it at the pharmacy while shopping for elastic plasters, i quickly grabbed it.
Effective? Mmmm… Not sure if its effective for me at this stage. My skin doesnt go clean clear and strong after applying it, so… My opinions are reserved for now 🙂

Ahava dead sea salt S$16 for 250g
Been wanting to get some dead sea salt after the raving salt bath reviews on ITSAN. But its kinda difficult to get some in singapore. I mean getting the salt in bulk & cheap. $16 for 250g is pretty expensive. Probably last me a week or so. My epsom salt from Watsons is finishing soon.
Effective? Just tried some hand and pail soak using some dead sea salt. Shall review in 1 week or so 🙂