Day 120 – 4mths mark!

Finally day 120. Woke up today feeling not too bad 🙂 no major scratch fest. Woke up with my right arm sleeve gone but not much scratch damage on my arm 🙂 Sleep is also not bad imho

What i ate today:

Breakfast: small piece of durian swiss roll cake, ester c tablet

Lunch: chicken rice n ester c tablet

Dinner: fried rice with char siew bits

Slacked the whole day staying at home today. Sunned my legs alittle in the afternoon. Its litttttle abit itchy today but very much. I think its due to the oozy right leg. I keep wanting to scratch and peel off dead skin :/ 

Skin review:

Legs: left calf’s patch seem to have grown bigger. My left foot is totally getting worse. Sigh. Right leg.. Seems to be abit oozy and the front seems to be getting reddish. 

Thighs: slowly improving from the flare. Thin skin sometimea but improving?

Arms: also improving from the flare. Its always itchy after showers but skin getting stronger. Red sleeve turning pink and seems to be fading

Neck/chest: spotty area, seems to be spreading? 2 swollen lymph nodes on neck, not obvious unless you go hunt for it. I think theres 1 more swollen lymphnode near my collarbone. Small bump. 

Torso/back: pimples all over. I need to eat raw garlic to get rid of them, but how? :S my tummy seems to be getting spotty red spots

Happy healing guys 🙂