Day 127 – TCM Adventure

great night of sleep. No major scratch fest. Scratched and almost wanted to pull my arm sleeves off but didnt. Not much damage. I went out in the afternoon wearing short sleeves! Wooo! The arm skin is dry n mildly flakey but no open wounds. So rare that my skin is this decent 🙂

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: dim sum outing with parents at imperial treasure ion which includes char siew pastry x2, 2 small egg tarts, rice strips with char siew, century egg with lean pork porridge, carrot cake x2 

Snack: llao llao sanum

Dinner: None

Also went to see TCM Mark that the fb group has recommended. Also had an acupuncture session today. Its been a long time since i had acupuncture. That time i did, i only had afew on my legs. This time was all over :S kinda a scary session. And on top to learn that some spots bleed when the needle is taken off. :S

I just hope what doesnt kill me makes me stronger. 

 Medicine for the week: