Day 145 & 146 – flare incoming

day 145 

Woke up with skin kinda bad. Been lazing in the bed til afternoon. Scratched my ankles and calves… But i gauzed up and went out to catch a show with my sister 🙂

What i ate:

Breakfast: chicken rice

Lunch/dinner: papaya beehoon with chicken chop at xin wang

cheat: egg tart.

Supper: mcchicken and small fries (I’VE SINNED!)

Wanted to feel drowsy(i miss drinking) so i popped a atarax at 12am or so. Felt drowsy and went to bed after washing with herbs. It was so drowsy that i didnt imagine myself scratching.

Day 146

Woke up in the afternoon. Gosh my body clock is so f-ked. I badly want to set it right.

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: fried rice

After showers, my skin totally looks horrible. Its feeling thin and fragile again, like in the middle of a flare -_- my period is coming but its like in 8days/1 weeks time. My red sleeves seems to be coming back -_-  and my face(cheeks) is looking very red but wells im grateful for great supportive parents.

Would this be a menses related flare or food flare? Was it because of yesterday’s mcd or cos i’ve been cheating bad on wed n thurs which upset my histamine budget? Hmmm