Day of Treatment #6

Ugh. Today i went for treatment. In the morning i thought i stank. I did stank. Today i was in a treatment room and they used the stank remover in my face, lmao.

SO MUCH OOZE TODAY. Think i wont be able to sleep tonight 😦

Jay treated me today. I told him my face is infected. Hes quite bothered/panicky/concerned i feel. Which is good. He was talking about the changes between last week and this week etc.. because he didnt really treat me last week, just a short interruption from his consultation. I stopped antibiotics last week and this week, BAM. Infection again. I asked Zack if he could ask the doc to give me 2 week course instead of 1 week. He said he’ll try, ended up, i had to wait very long and he asked me to use the Doctor World App. I was reluctant but glad i tried it. After the tele-consultation i was talking to Jay, he was saying if i get the 625 augmentin, i should take 3 pills in a day to make it as good as a 1G dose. I kinda understand what he means but how am i gonna execute this? The thing bothering me is the food to eat with the antibiotics.

Todays treatment was omg. SO MUCH OOZING. Ooze was dripping down my neck, from my ears etc. Omg i was groaning so much because of the ooze. Asking here and there if he could wipe the dripping ooze for me. When i got home, and now, the ooze has been dripping from my face onto my tshirt twice and  it even dripped onto the table, because i was leaning towards the PC(not wearing my specs and blind AF). Dang girlll. I hope tomorrow will be better and drier. God give me strength.

Anyway, i found my fingers were in bad shape today. Wonder if its because of my slack in drinking celery juice. No celery for 5 days? I discovered, actually celery is part of the food that removes dampness. No wonder. Also, the spot on my left calf is oozing and raw from jeans abrasion -_- Oh god.

Doctor World App

I tried a new thing today. Zack told me i can use this app to do a tele-consultation and have medications sent to my house. Its called Doctor World. If you’re in Singapore, the app is linked to Raffles Medical and the prices are pretty okay. S$18 consultation including medicine delivery. Well meds depends on what you’re given i guess. I had 2 week course of antibiotics and the total bill came up to S$68, which, is cheaper than the 1G 1 week course of Augmentin that SHC gives me for S$80. It was pretty quick too, i didnt wait long to be matched with a doctor. Literally took seconds and the consultation was done in 3minutes. I actually did the whole thing at SHC’s counter, lmao. The antibiotics i got was “Curam”. Amazingly i got it 3hours after the tele-consultation, delivered when i went  home.

Iherb – Trying Propolis

I ordered Propolis from iherb after checking with Jay that its fine for me to take it. Time to try.. I wonder if i will react to it.. Honey is considered high histamine. I dont know if propolis/bee pollen/royal jelly would be the same. Hopefully it will help with my healing or infection. I ordered this expensive ass green propolis from NaturaNectar? I was reading around and it seems the green propolis has effects on Staph Aureus, which well.. is the bane of my life.


Day 563 – 1 yr 6mths+ – Annoying oozy ear

I am so annoyed by my oozing ear. Where exactly is oozing? The top tip of my ear that contacts my hair and temples of my spectacles. It oozes then crust on my hair and spectacles. Very uncomfortable. It feels like something is gelling there and everytime my ears or something moves, i feel something is stuck and am so tempted to rub off the crusty ooze or something.

TCM isnt really helping that patch imho.

And i have another bad patch outside the ear hole. Its been oozy and red for ages! TF. Since dec 2015! When is it gonna heal?!


I am at a point in time where i can easily filter out meat and not feel super devastated about the decision. I think its been more than a week of no/few meat cravings. I think it really takes time (2 to 3 weeks) to reach this state where you no longer crave something. I think its the same with sugar. After 2 to 3 weeks, the cravings get less intense and stops.

But am i seeing results from eating a largely vegan diet? Yesterday there was the YUMMY DELICIOUS canned spicy pork cubes for dinner. I ate 1 small little cube with brocolli and tumeric pepper radish rice soup. I consider it an achievement that i didnt eat more of it. I LOVE THAT DANG PORK CUBES. One of the meat things i crave is another of 4finger’s BFF Soy burger.

On eating vegetarian food initially earlier i kinda notice my inflammation on face is lower. The cheek patch. Yes now its gradually getting smaller (i think. Probably. I didnt take pictures because. BECAUSE MY DAM FACE IS OOZING! depressing much) I kinda regret that i didnt take, so i didnt have a reference point. But i think its smaller. I think so. Now it looks abit like a right angle boomerang.

But seems the reddish and stuff on my hands/fingers and palm is getting worse. Sigh. Is vegetarian food not helping? My right index finger is raw AF. So is my right thumb. Today my left hand and fingers is slightly better. But seems the condition of my fingers and palm is one step front, one step back. Kinda like tango. Up and down. So it makes me wonder if i should go back to eating meat. :S

Oozy patch on cheeks & stares

Am i also more resistant to people’s stares now? Yes. When people look at me for more than 1 second, I know they are starring at my cheek. Any longer, or they make eye contact with me and the cheek again, i give them the “TF U STARING AT?” look and go ahead to ignore them. Not worth getting stress hormones over people i dont give a dam about!

Things to be happy about currently:

GOOD SLEEP. Good sleep is golden and necessary for sanity.

What i ate yesterday:

lunch: Mcdonalds large fries + rice with cabbage, beansprout and long bean

snacks: slices of papaya

dinner: rice with tumeric, black pepper, brocolli and small piece of canned spicy pork cube

What i ate today:

lunch: rice with long bean, cauliflower and cai xin?



Day 317 – still flaring

spots on me are still red and raised 😦 i was thinking a good night’s sleep might fix it but nah! I want to say my legions look less red but i have my reservations 😦 im hoping for a better tomorrow.

Yesterday and past few days, my right ear has been OOOZING AND OOZING AND BLEEDING like nobody’s business. Its the part just outside the ear canal and behind the ear and the earlobe. Some parts of the ear bone outside is oozing too. During the day its nice and dry but at night… My pillow kinda has signs of a crime scene. Thankfully the people online advised me NOT to sleep on the ear or press it against the pillow(which i have been doing, silly me! I thought it will harden the ooze and stop it like stopping a bleeding wound! But no!) i woke up with a dry ear, pretty amazing. 🙂

I also met the tcm yesterday to get more herbs. He said hes seeing more flarings, probably due to weather. Darn! And less of what i ate that caused the flare. Someone on the fb group said during rainy days, it causes the fungal overgrowth/dampness in the body. Apparently i should really eat more garlic. I will! 

Im trying to be a vegetarian in effort to curb the inflammation and fungal problems.. At least til im back from my taiwan trip 😦 but its kinda hard! Salads daily? So expensive.. S$8 a meal.. I cant get over the fact that its expensive. 

Also i bought twinnings rooibos tea and some supplements. L-glutamine and quercetin bromelain. Doesnt seem to ease my itch. I took 2 tabs of quercetin bromelain yesterday and today but still felt itchy. Well…

What i ate:

Day 316:

Breakfast: salad. Romaine lettuce, carrot chickpea chicken and roasted sesame dressing

Lunch: chicken shreds horfun soup

Dinner: kfc chicken rice

Day 317: 

Breakfast: chicken rice

Lunch: none? Slice of papaya

Dinner: rice with green veg, butterhead lettuce and some ginger chicken