Day 280 – exhilarating zumba monday

i wore my nike flyknits out today. Happy. High energy today! Was it because of good weekend’s sleep? Hahaha 🙂 mood swing towards good mood. Awesome.

Today’s zumba class was fun. Because my foot is in good condition. It wasnt too swollen and since i came back from hongkong, i can put some weight on it and not feel much pain. Butbut. During 2nd hour, my fking toe cramped for awhile. The 2nd toe. It felt like the sock was too tight suddenly. I dunno wtf is wrong. I drank a can of isotonic drink after the first hour though. Its not supposed to cramp me right?! Anyway, its been a long time since i can exert. Til now i still kinda feel like my toe is gonna cramp on me.

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: salad (romaine lettuce, roasted sesame dressing, chick peas, carrots and brocolli) , chocolate ji dan zai, shilin fried chicken and a can of isotonic drink

Dinner: none


Day 269 to 274? Hong kong trip eats and notes

while i am there, basically my restrictions didnt apply. I ate whatever. Just no prawns. But in the end, i accidentally ate prawns too, so i took aerius/ desloratadine. Twice. I didnt get any itch fest. My skin just turned all red and raised. 

I ate lots of egg waffles, egg tarts, boluobaos(buns with sweet crust?), rice rolls with charsiew…

Skin was very dry while i am there though. And i nosebleed afew times. 




Day 278 – past 9mths

Past few days i had been somewhat sick i guess. 

I slept SO much yesterday. I was totally sleepy yesterday at work and subsequently during class. I had to nap. The nap turned into overnight sleep. LOL. Came home at 4.30pm or so, and crashed into bed. Sleeping all the way til 12am then woke up unwillingly to shower, consume some entertainment and a biscuit, then back to bed. 

Skin remained quite dry after hongkong trip. Everyone is happy, tcm, parents, including me.

What i ate yesterday:

Breakfast: hans breakfast with toast, ham and scrambled eggs

Lunch: instant noodles with luncheon meat and hardboiled eggs

Snacks: wife biscuits and cheese crackers

Dinner: none

What i ate today:

Breakfast: toastbox’s ham and cheese bun and mini wife biscuit

Lunch: yoshinoya’s grilled chicken ramen with naruto and 200ml of coke. Cocoa colony’s chicken pie and cappucino



Day 275 – feverish

Well, its the first time in 9mths that i had a fever. No idea why. Yesterday i just came home from HK. Stomach was bloated and painful. But slept anyway cos i was f-tired. 

Took paracetamol / panadol and slept my afternoon away. Fever subsided. But stomach still had teeeny weeny bit of pain. 


Day 269 – HK day 1

Hello from hongkong! Im blogging yesterday today. Yesterday went well, ate some egg tarts, desserts and what not. Missing my veggie already. Skin has been good too, it hasnt been oozing terribly during the night. Also didnt wake up to a big scratchfest, which i was worried about.

Pictorial blog for food: 

Also ate: night wolf from oddie foodie (YUM!)



Food log day 264-266

day 266:

Breakfast: mcd chicken muffin

Lunch: mcd chicken pesto sandwich with capuccino (decaf)

Dinner: soup with rice and green veg and pork cooked with ginger

For some reasons, after dinner, my stomach felt bloated and i farted a dam lot.

Day 265 – peaceful sunday

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: nasi lemak with fried ikan bilis and fishcake

Day 264 – tcm say

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: chicken horfun


Day 267 – another concerned boss

Today, my hands were full of micropore tapes and plaster, as usual. Today the boss came in and i had him sign some docs. He saw my fingers and dugged around in his bag for a looong time. I thought hes looking for a pen but no, he finally dug out a small used tube of Dermovate. Aaahh steroids. I refused it of course. Like i will sacrifice my almost 9months of steroid withdrawl! He has psoriasis, as i understand from my cousin, so… Im kinda sure the dermatologist also gives this kinda steroid cream. 

My right palm feels terrible today. I think i rubbed and scratched my spots raw last night. Today its just dry tight and crackly. Sigh. Is it because i have been eating lors of mcd this and last week?!

What i ate today:

Breakfast: mcd sausage muffin and black coffee

Lunch: sumo salad’s romaine lettuce, chick peas, cucumber, carrots, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts and lemon juice dressing

Junks: mildly sweet oreo and sugar free barley and papaya and gelatin powder