Day 41 & day 42

Day 41…
This morning, yep great. Not much weep when peeling off towels wrapped overnight. But in the evening when peeling off plasters, theres quite abit of blood and weep. *sigh* it does seem ive eaten something wrong. After lunch i feel alittle itchy and notice vesicles appearing. Was it breakfast that caused it? Hmmm. Or yesterday’s overly good lunch? Need to start making my bone broth. I seem to be having more red patches around. Like on my arms and thighs and belly.

Breakfast: apple and fried beehoon(rice vermicelli) with bits of egg and stir fried vegs
Lunch: teriyaki chicken with cabbage and white rice.
Dinner: alittle fish, white rice, green french beans? And cabbage soup pressure cooked with pork ribs.

On a positive note, my colleagues said i noticeably lost weight. (For real?) i casually told them that i only lost about 3kg. They were like “WHAT? 3KG? Thats alot! I exercise alot also cant lose that!” Totally didnt expect the reaction. I dont feel like i’ve lost ALOT of weight. Like im still wearing the pants n clothes i wear, didnt go down 1 size or feel significantly looser.

Oh wells. One reason is becos of the stuff i stopped eating:

  • Sugary/junkfood
  • Processed food
  • Less rice
  • No breakfast? (It was a torture to skip bread 😦 )

I feel that im somewhat deprived of alot of tasty (unhealthy) food. Like i havent eaten this yr’s annual mcdonalds curly fries!! F! They are available only once a year during chinese new year period!

Another random thing. So yesterday i was lazy to make a separate hand soak for my fingers. I soaked my hands in the leg pail soak and it turns out bad. It felt different from soaking just my fingers. I use half cup acv on this with 3 big spoons of epsom salt for pail soak and 2 tablespoon and 2 big spoons for finger soak. Is it the epsom salt or acv? My fingers felt so dam dry afters. It got cracky. It was so unlike the feeling when i first soaked the past few days.

My bottle of Braggs’s ACV is at half bottle. Perhaps im glad i bought the 1 litre from my local supermarket. I love them for stocking it! 🙂 i thought acv is quite exotic and especially this is imported.

Day 42…
Woke at 3pm after sleeping since 9pm. Pretty good, towels didnt stick!

What i ate today :
Lunch: Small organic apple
Lunch: Charsiew rice
Dinner: roasted breast chicken rice

Alright. Its 1.46am now, im off to bed after padding dry from todays acv epsom salt pail soak 🙂


Reflecting on my life journey

I took Atarax yesterday around 7pm. Not because im itchy like crazy, but just to sleep since its the weekends. So while soaking in my acv pail, i got kinda drowsy and padded dry then proceed to bed around 9pm. And slept all the way til 3pm today :X bad i know. But sleeping is a luxury(do you not agree? 😛 )

There were times i woke up scratching my hands (didnt moisturise) so i guess Atarax doesnt stop certain scratch attacks!

So i was thinking, when did my skin/health go hay wire. I think it was noticeably bad in my junior college years. That was also coincidentally the year i discovered the wonders of coffee. I drank a can of instant coffee and boom! Lectures seem amazingly clear. So it became part of me ever since. And ever since i started, its 1 cup per day.

And in the past few mths in nov and dec. i drank sooo much coffee. As much as 3-4 cups a day? Sigh, no wonder, Jo!

I wonder if its the caffeine or the coffee/tea that causes leaky gut. I think i shud be having leaky gut. Not sure where i can do the gut permeability test in singapore. But meh, my gut health shud be darn bad. I have noticed my poo has undigested stuff in them. Like veg etc. yesterday i just poo-ed sesame seeds out. Perhaps its from the louhei. I know some stuff doesnt get digested. Hmmm, couldnt find a clear answer with google.

I just started cooking my chicken bone broth today. My target for now is to have bone broth more than once a week. That should be achievable right? 🙂


Day 40!

Felt great this morning. Unwrapped the towels off my legs and ankle this morning, no sticking! Means less ooze/weep 🙂 perhaps the acv soak helped! Fingers also in good condition. This morning i didnt plaster my right hand. and now in the evening, its still surviving good, there isnt much weep/ooze except some cracks…

What i ate today:
Breakfast: apple + 1 banana
Lunch: heres my lunch menu. I skipped the prawn dish, rice, and dessert (my fav mango pomelo, dam!) and ate tons of the chicken. Btw, i love the Toss/louhei! Its some radish/peanut blahblah salad eaten during chinese new year 🙂 so awesome and nice to eat (although theres allergens)

Dinner: green veg with rice & watercress soup (goji berries too. dam my mum cooks all her soup with goji berries)

After my company lunch, i went shopping for a slow cooker. Bought a 3.5L one to cook some bone broth! 🙂 also bought a cheapo spray bottle to mix 50-50 acv water. 🙂 50-50 mix stings my skin x_x but the sting is good!

Ending my evening with acv pail soak, off to bed now 🙂


Day 38 and 39

Day 38

I feel kinda frustrated today. Looked at my left calf patch and see that its kinda purple there(infection!!) and was kinda freaked out. Dabbed acv on it.

Its depressing to tear off plasters and gauze every evening to re-open crusted wounds 😦 makes me wanna cry why my hands arent healing. I think the most depressing thing about eczema is the oozing. When its dry and fine, its fine really. When it oozes blood and stuff.. Dam makes me depressed.

What i ate today:
Breakfast: 1 big apple (Got so hungry at 10am that i succumbed to eat 1 square of wheat chocolate cracker)
Lunch: Mee sua (wheat vermicelli 😦 ) with chicken in abalone/goji berry soup
Dinner: cant remb 😦

Lots of allergens, dam.

Day 39

So today i soaked my calfs in a pail of water with acv and epsom salt for 1hr. And soaked my hands for 10-20mins.

Here are some pics (not much improvement)


What i ate today:
Breakfast: large apple n banana
Lunch: watercress soup (with goji berries 😦 ) and brown rice with veg and herbal chicken
Dinner: corn/rib soup with long beans and bean sprouts

Tomorrow: im attending my company’s annual lunch. I bet the lunch will be full of allergens but sigh. I will have some time to shop for a slowcooker to make some broth.

Some consolation for myself today: at least my fingers were not totally raw and freshly weep lots when i removed my gauze & plasters today. Thank god.


Day 37

Went to work looking half like some injured girl. My fingers feel so fragile. It felt like they are weeeping so much, like that time pre tsw where i quit chicken, as an experiment to determine if i was allergic to chicken. Lots of folks say how “dirty” they are, with injected hormones, antibiotics, steroids that help them grow. So i quit and it became much worse!(dunno if coincidental). My wounds were weepy and didnt improve til i ate chicken again. Perhaps the steroids in the chics calmed my skin? Lmao!

What i ate today:
Breakfast: apple & seedless green grapes + afew spoons of egg/corn fried rice
Lunch: chicken rice
Dinner: dinner with colleagues at a chinese restaurant which includes… Lou hei(its kinda like a salad made with raddish strips, carrots, salmon sashimi, peanuts, honey…) , veg with abalone(didnt eat), sharkfin soup with crab meat, red snapper, hokkien noodles, red bean dessert. Lots of allergens, i know. 😦

Heres how i went to work and check out my Hansaplast plaster rash . Yesterday was tough. I went to sleep slapping Desitin on my fingers and bandaging them in tissue paper…




Day 36

I finally tried the epsom salt soak today, but just for my left flaky oozy hand. It becomes so dry afters! Im not applying anything on it. As with people doing moisturiser withdrawl… But.. How can anyone stand it being so flakey and dry…. And itchy-tempting? Im so tempted to scratch some dead skin off. I tried a small portion and underneath is bright red skin. Not sure if its oozy but i think its a bad idea.


What i ate today:

  • Rice with charsiew (bbq pork)
  • Rice with pork ribs (in sauce with sesame seeds) & green veg
  • Some green seedless grapes
  • a small coconut’s coconut water

Itch factor: nothing extreme. fingers were itchy and i did the epsom salt soak.


Day 35 – pics

Right out of shower:



I havent posted pics before.. So thats what my conditions are like. The red patch on my foot is worsening. It started to flake yesterday or so but it looks redder in a bigger patch! It also looks different compared to my other areas…

Thats my right middle finger with some Desitin. I havent tried Desitin on my fingers thats my first. My 3rd middle finger was cracking and bleeding and stuff and afew days ago it looked alittle purple to me -_-ll thankfully it didnt worsen.

Today i read alot about GAPS and gut healing diets… Quite keen to start on bone broth. Problem is, it is quite hard to find grass fed or organic meats around. Beef is okay but my family doesnt eat beef for religious reasons, so brewing beef broth is out of question. So i guess its pork or chicken for me. Mum just gave me the OK to buy a slowcooker. Shall buy one and cook some broth 🙂

On gluten: so i read eliminating gluten is quite necessary. It feels so difficult. Why? Im asian. My breakfast staple for the past 27 years have been: bread
And i eat rice every meal. If not potatoes.

Dam, whats left for me to eat?

What i ate today for the record(kinda pathetic):

  • 1 small organic apple
  • rice + roast pork / chicken
  • 2 mushrooms and afew pieces of cabbage

Itchy factor: not very itchy overall. It was most itchy when waking up & immediately after showering