Day 122 – post arm scratch fest

woke up today, with my both arms rather raw.  You can see the damage ~_~ i totally regret not bandaging my wrists at night before sleeping.  

Probably flushed my hopes of attending step aerobics in short sleeve tee this thurs. Well. Gotta consider my energy levels too. Usually after a major scratch fest, my energy levels are low.

I took a shorter than usual shower today. Seems good. Itch is controllable without applying anything 🙂 was it the cool weather? It rained cats n dogs in the evening just now. 

Im on half day today. It totally feels holiday mood. No work tomorrow. Also caught Hot Pursuit earlier in the afternoon. My eyes were all over the place in the movie HAHAHA. I learnt how to pay at the cashier without the cashier looking in your face. HAHAHA but not like i could pull it off. Sadly.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with bits of egg, beansprouts

Lunch: cathay’s kaarage chicken (fried chicken bits) and yoshinoya – beef and kaarage chicken combo. With some veg

Dinner:  rice with green veg

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