Day 528 – 1yr 5.5mths+ – Bad times after a period of good

i feel like i have been flaring alittle again, since monday. Today is thursday again, the week seriously goesby so fast!! 

On a side note, its been one year since i’ve not been working in accounting. Its gonna affect my career but sigh, seriously now is not a time to worry for me.

My legs have made so much improvement this year, im so happy. My left leg healed so much!

But my face -_- fark it. Terrible. 

Last week was a calm one. Overall imflammation feels low, skin seems strong and healing alittle. Sleep was GREAT. i could sleep and only be woken 2 times max.

This week? Terrible. Sleep was choppy again. Skin on fingers so fragile. Face so sensitive and red. Feels like i will get new weepy areas 😦 overall inflammation seems abit high. 

I pooped just now and saw one strand of pea sprout in the toilet bowl -_- with leaves too. Wtf. Does it mean i didnt chew well? It was my dinner yesterday. I had pea sprouts with bits of chicken and instant noodles seasoned with msg and splash of tumeric.

I ate 6000mg of vit c in the office in 3 hours(2-5pm). The evening felt very calm(not much itching). People usually mention to eat 1000mg every hour. Hmmm. I wonder if this is my sweet spot dose… Today im doing the same.

What i ate today:



Day 505 – 1 yr 4 mths ++ – good sleep for once

today i woke up super satisfied. I felt like i slept a solid 4 hours! WOOO! Why am i so happy? Because for the past month and longer, i have been miserable, not being able to get good, satisfying sleep. I kept awaking due to oozy ears, neck, itchy arms etc.

Well my cheek is still kinda raw and oozy and spreading like fk, but baahh! All used to it now. TSW is really about adapting and not jumping at flare ups. Learning to accept that it will hang around for afew months is really important?

I ate the drowsy antihistamine on sunday evening. Because i ate a small slice of durian cake and felt hot and itchy all over. Im not sure if it was just a moment or if it will last a day. So i just took it. Effects was not bad. I was drowsy and weak. The effect lasted til monday late afternoon. Sleep was okay. 2hrs on and off.

My legs are feeling good this morning!