Day 378 – been super lazy

since wednesday last week, i have been sick. Its the first time since i had a “big” sickness. I had fever, flu, sore throat…

On the first day i didnt see a doctor. The fever was 37.5 deg c. It wasnt a “real” fever, and so i popped panadol, slept and play games. The next day, fever climbed to 38. Figured its time to see a doc (family GP) since the fever isnt subsiding. Rested at home on friday thru sunday. I totally felt uberly sick and weak. Been a long time since. 

Of course i didnt go to my GP regarding my TSW skin conditions. I reckon he will panic upon seeing the state of my calves n feet. Even without looking at my legs, just based on my face and arms alone, he offered me a short course of steroids! Wtf. I rejected (duh) then he said “it will help, we cant have u scratching and not sleeping”. To be honest my skin isnt giving THAT much of a problem. He gave me anti biotics and anti histamines. To be honest, i dreaded the antibiotics. Why? It just means its gonna kill all the LactoGG in my gut and waste my hundreds of dollars spent growing those bacteria in my dear gut. 

The skin on my leg has been different on starting the antibiotics course. I kinda expected it. It muraculously hasnt been swelling since friday i think. And during the day, its plenty dry and slim. It just looks terribly dark red. Theres like less new skin/crust too. Weird.

Yesterday (sunday), i’ve had some runs. Like throughout the day. Not sure if its from the antibiotics alone, or that the packed food were contributing factors. Shat til my ass hurts , tsk. Poo was dam watery and yellow too.

Went back to work today. Thankfully the dinner was postponed to tonight. Im kinda paiseh to go seriously. Its nearing chinese new year and i dont wanna be spreading my germs to everyone.