Day 296 – starbucks breakfast

woke up this morning and was peeling my tissues off my legs. Seems my right ankle and lower calves are weepy much. Tsk. Was it the scratching or what? Left leg was just slightlyyyyy weepy. On the areas which i scratched abit. But mostly dry. To be honest im kinda glad that the left leg remained dry and skin looking dry. Hope it recovers soon! 

Decided to have a starbucks bread breakfast after much raves from a friend who keeps complaining that the bread is sold out each time she wanted to eat it. Turns out its not that great. *disappointed* feels like i have wasted a good amount of my gluten budget 😱 and coffee budget. Coffee really irritates the gut. Soon after drinking it, i already feel some need to go to the toilet. I do not usually poop so early in the morning. Sometimes i only poop when im back home in the late afternoon/early evening! I think i need to eat cleanly for the next few days. Been eating quite alot of gluten for the past few days and having quite afew caffeine drinks. I think this afternoon i will have caffeinated lipton tea or something again. :S 

Also went to the tcm today. According to him, he checked my tongue and said im totally very “heaty”. Tongue according to him, was red with a greasy coat. Think i shall monitor the appearance of my tongue myself. He said i should balance my heatiness with fruits and veg. Hmmm. Shall try it.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: papaya, panda cookie, starbucks cranberry, kaya, butter panini and black coffee

Lunch: horfun with fried chicken chop 

Dinner: sushi tei ‘s beef sukiyaki and soft shell crab maki

The itch at night during midnight is… Quite intense. So intense that i lost my cool and scratched my arm bloody. Changed most of my micropore tapes yesterday night and popped aerius/desloratadine and lactogg. Im thankful that i didnt scratch madly during the night. Also i wrapped my right arm with towel and  wore an arm sock over it. I think i’ll probably have scratched off my arm micropore tapes during my sleep.