Day 689 – 1yr 10.5mths+ – Getting better

I am so relieved that i am somewhat getting alittle better. This week has been nice to me. My face is drying up and oozing less. The ooze is not as bad as last month. At least i can yawn without screaming inside! Its all the small things that matter really.

Tuesday i went to see the tcm for herb refill. Thankful for the improvements on my face!! My arm is still kinda fragile and bad. I have been wet wrapping with tubifast green and apple cider vinegar. At least i stop mass destruction at night and make waking up alittle easier. But there is still destruction when i take it off during showers. Its so hard. Its SO HARD TO NOT SCRATCH EM BLOODY!

And my fingers. My fingers are so itchy at night.

And sleep. I still cant sleep. I will typically roll and roll in bed til the sun comes up.

I also sinned and ate some dou sha bing that probably has gluten in it.