Day 647 – 1 yr 9mths+ -Waiting game?

I havent been very well recently. But maybe 10% better. My face is rrooooooooollling downhill. The left patch hasnt healed much, i picked out the scab but well, area thats red is bigger than pre-flare. And the area above it and below the eyes is affected and having some yellow crusting.

Afew days ago i went to the doctor for anti-biotic cream. Doesnt seem to help much. I thought it was a miracle cream 😦 The doctor offered oral anti biotics, but no, not keen to wipe my gut flora after a $80 bottle of probiotics and restart again.

Sleep quality? Not good. Not good at all. Im still waking up lots during the night. Sometimes my left arm patch itches. WHY!

  • Arms – left arm is horrible, skin has thickened on lower arm, other side of palm has lots of closed scabs, upper arm has a raw patch that itches time to time. and scattered broken skin all over from shoulder to fingers. Palm is recovering, better than last week. Fingers… time to time oozing.
  • Right arm largely clear. Right palm is healing. Index finger is fragile. Thumb has broken skin. Middle finger is fragile. Some light scratching and redness on otherside of palm
  • Legs – mainly okay. Right calves has a light pink patch that itches from time to time. Mainly dry. Right ankle has a abrasion style strip of raw redness. Near the toes is recovering, itches from time to time. Mostly dry.
  • Left calves is fine, also, near the toes is recovering, itches from time to time. Mostly dry. Near ankle has a strip of rather raw red patch, sometimes weepy.
  • Neck is kinda fragile. With swollen lymphnodes. base of neck near shoulderblades is itchy too. Mainly dry legions.

Doctor’s appointment with naturopath tomorrow…



Day 642 – 1yr 9mth+ – Alittle better?

I feel alittle better. Just alittle. Still miserable and cant get a goodnight’s sleep.

My period is coming soon, and recently i’ve been craving to eat meat alot. I wonder if its related. So far, no intense PMS yet.

Since the last post, I feel like i might have got alittle depressed from the melatonin. Is it my imagination? I just have no mood for anything and i just wanna go home or even, not go to work and just stay at home. i skipped so much of my zumba lessons. I’ve never skipped so much before :S

Yesterday, my parents went to a religious medium to enquire about my health :S Its in these times that positive comments give you alittle comfort. Its said i stepped on some offerings for the dead and offended them. I’ve always been careful about those but sigh, who knew! Perhaps with the blessing of god, i will get better :S Fingers crossed! I will continue to work with the naturopath and tcm!

What i ate today: roast bbq pork rice x 2 + organic envy apples



Day 631 – 1yr 8mths+ – Face Flaring

Yesterday night was kinda crap. I felt my face was oozing and itchy. Today, i woke up and my face was totally very red. Aside from that patch, the surround areas were quite red. I dont know if thats the leftover of a very vexed weekend or if the Intestinew supplement is finally giving me the flare.

Kinda at a lost what to do now. Should i push on or stop the supplement? 😦

There are actually other places of flare. Theres red spots all over my thighs, some on my right arm and calves too. I hope im not exploding.

On monday i totally didnt sleep the night before so i skipped work and i went to the clinic to collect my Histamine Block (DAO enzymes) $48 for 30 capsules, ouch. Yesterday i took 1 capsule after dinner. Not much effect. Today i took 1 capsule with taking the intestinew supplement. Am i itching now? No… Just periodic/anxiety related itch i feel.

I am slightly calmer this week but still, im vexed by the progression of my face -_- SO RED. oh gosh. things can only go uphill when its at its lowest right? Im on the way going downhill now 😦

Last sunday i went to see the TCM, told him about my insomnia and stuff. He said he takes 3mg of sublingual melatonin, so probably 1mg doesnt work for me. I took 4mg on sunday night but still i couldnt sleep without waking midnight. Last night i took 150mg of magnesium. Woke up alittle more sane today. FXXX! I really hope to get good sleep and feel more sane.

1minute of Gratefulness:

  • Grateful that the legions on my calves are gone
  • Grateful for supportive parents
  • Grateful

What i ate:

Today: Rice with beansprouts, veg, cauliflower

Yesterday: Rice with dark green veg, chicken rice, rice crackers


Day 628 – 1yr 8mths+ – Intestinew

This morning i ate a scoop of Intestinew. Fingers crossed that i dont flare, despite it containing something with crustacean, which im quite sure im allergic to. Its a white powder and seems it doesnt dissolve well in water. Well i guess its typical of protein powders. Doesnt have a strong taste or anything, but its kinda hard to get it down, perhaps its just my mental block.

Didnt sleep well yesterday. For once i didnt take anything yesterday. Didnt take any magnesium or melatonin. Because i felt like im taking too much of them :S Almost on a daily basis…

About melatonin: I bought the lowest 1mg dose, timed release off iherb (since it was cheap)> I tried it but it seems it doesnt keep me asleep at night. I still woke up and tossed and turned. Maybe i need a higher dose.

I realise my supplement cocktail is creeping up. So on a daily basis i eat these:

  • Quercetin with bromelain 500mg x 2-3 times
  • 60billion Metagenics Ultra flora probiotics 1 cap a day
  • Intestinew 1 scoop
  • Carlson ACE with zinc and selenium x 2-3 times
  • Vitamin D3 5000iu x 1 cap a day
  • Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish oil 1 cap a day (On and off because im afraid of a flare from it)
  • Magnesium 150mg (Depends if i wanna sleep)
  • TCM herbs

What i ate yesterday:

Brunch: rice vermicelli with long beans, cabbage

dinner: roasted pork rice

snacks: rice crackers, papaya, 2 envy apples, wintermelon tea with tapioca pearls, rooibos tea


1yr 8mths+ – Feeling better

I am happy to announce that at the very least, i am feeling more sane and less desperate.

Was it the ACE + Zinc/selenium or magnesium?

Slept at probably 2am yesterday. I kinda have alittle sleep anxiety. Its like “Argh, i wonder if i can sleep tonight 😦 ” kinda feeling.

“Will i toss around alot tonight?”

“Will i wake at 2am, 4am and again at 6am?”

About my last iherb order.

Out of curiosity, I went to look again at the gut powder i ordered. OMG IT HAS SOME CRUSTACEAN STUFF IN IT. Gosh, i am allergic to those! -_- Not sure what to do. Guess i’ll eat it and see if i get a mega flare then stop i guess? Its SG50-ish. So its kinda expensive to just ditch it.

What i ate today:

Brunch: Roast pork rice + chendol + rice crackers


Day 620 – 1 yr 8.5mths – Naturopath 2

Just went back to see Dr Radhika today(friday). Told her about my insomnia and other stuff and she still thinks im stressed out -_- she totally doesnt believe that my insomnia is caused by my wrecked body. -_- I keep telling her i aint got no stress. I have no work stress(main stressor), so what can be stressing me out? Probably the fact that i need to sleep and wake up in time for part time work? -_- She suggested me to see a doctor for hypnosis etc :S Not too comfy with that. Neither do i have the money..

She gave me Carlson Vitamins ACE + Selenium & Zinc and also Magnesium for sleeping. I took 2 magnesium pills that night. It made me sleepy but didnt keep me sleeping throughout. I still woke up around 2am, 4am…

She also recommended i buy some glutamine gut healing powder from iherb, which i bought. Also bought more quercetin, since i felt that it does help when i took it.

Also, since at the time of shopping im alittle desperate to sleep, I bought melatonin 1mg time release, just incase. Just incase im f-shit desperate and cant sleep.

But for the past 2 days, i’ve been feeling better. I think its from sleeping slightly better. On friday i took 2 magnesium pills(150mg each), didnt sleep well. Weekends i took 1 each night. Surprisingly better sleep. LOL. I was worried the effect would be like taking drowsy anti-histamines, where the effect is not as good if you took it daily.

What i ate:

Sat: rice with bbq pork, chicken , rice vermicelli with long beans, cabbage?

Sun: Koka chicken pho instant rice noodles, chendol, rice with cabbage, dark green veg, rice crackers

Monday: Rice vermicelli with pumpkin, bean sprouts, cauliflower, slice of papaya