Random – things that get me through

Just a random post on things that will give me hope again. There is many times during TSW that we will need some kind of hope and happiness.

Before TSW, i have been reading much about happiness and stuff. Why? I didnt really know what to do in life. I felt my accounting job is not what i am “passionate” about. 

Being grateful is one way to feel happier.

And i want to be grateful for having these:

  • I have tissue paper ready to wipe my tears
  • I have an ipad mini to keep me entertained
  • I have acess to the internet and ITSAN.
  • There are people who went through TSW hell and survived it and blogged their progress to motivate us. 🙂 *HANG IN THERE JO, YOU TOO WILL MAKE IT!*

Okay, back to surfing the web.