Diet – what do i eat now?

I admit my diet was lax pre-flare 1 week ago. But now, im quite back to eating strictly. As per instruction from Naturopath – no dairy, soy, gluten, eggs. She told me to avoid those and i was like “okay! I am already not eating 3 of the 4!” 

But theres actually more that i do not eat.


  • Corn
  • Processed food
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Orange?
  • Meat (chicken, pork)
  • Chilli
  • Potatoes
  • Nightshades
  • Coffee
  • Fried stuff

Definite NO:

  • Seafood & crustaceans
  • Fish 
  • Beef/goat and other non chicken / pork meats
  • Deli meats
  • Cheese whatever
  • Alcohol

What i usually eat:

  • White rice and other rice noodles
  • Cabbages
  • Brocolli
  • Mung Beansprouts
  • Long beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Dark green vegs

im afraid to eat fruits now. Im not sure if watermelons and such contributed to my previous flare. Or if it was really a beans lectin issue. 

Written on 20 Sep 2016, day 610 – 1yr 8mths


Day 610 – 1yr 8mths – Lectins

Today someone in the health champions facebook group shared a post which gave me an AHA! moment. It was relating to the Paleo diet and why they do not eat legumes(lentils, beans) as part of the paleo diet.

Then i found out about lectins. This is a informative website about lectins. This website shows how lectin causes or worsens leaky gut. So apparently all the food im allergic to maybe high in lectins. And it also gave me a possible explanation to why i had a flare afew weeks ago, which beans (garbanzo chickpeas and mungbeans) were suspected.

This further confirms all my doubts that the root of the problem is in my gut…

I began to eat a more vegetarian diet upon watching videos from nutritionfacts.org, which mentions firstly, meat causes inflammation because of endotoxicity in the gut because of existing leaky gut. Then i found eating a more fruits and vegetables and less processed food diet leads to lower overall inflammation. Great. thats all i wanted. So i did. Then i realise my protein intake is low because of excluding meat. I need a protein source right? I was thinking not to rely on protein supplements, because, i want to eat in a sustainable way and i should find wholefood sources of plant protein. And there it is. Beans. Beans surprisingly moderates blood sugar too, according to nutritionfacts.org, which is extra good! So i started with chickpeas. Mini flare. Then mungbean soup. Another flare. There may be other factors and loose diet adherance but this is too much of a coincidence i think?


Day 595 – 1yr 7mths + – Salicylate Flaring?

I’ve been miserable! The past week was terrible and til now its still kinda terrible.

I wonder if its a salicylate overload flaring? On Monday, right after i posted the previous post, that night i cut the box of icecream mooncakes which i bought and ate a small piece of it. It was a durian mooncake and strawberry moon cake. I ate 1/4 of the strawberry mooncake and 1/8 of the durian mooncakes. According to my TCM, durians are food that makes people flare. Well its 1/8 and its not even the VERY real kind where u can taste the fibre and stuff.

Then it was downhills afters. The next day, my right cheek got a reddish patch. I woke up and kinda panicked. It was alittle oozy. But it remained that way (dry) for the week.

I suspected the green/mung beans. But it seems to NOT be the flare candidate. Its low salicylate and low oxalate. I read abit on beans (since the last flare involved a coincidental? chick pea) and found both chick peas and mung beans to be low oxalate too. What is it then? Sweet potatoes? Maybe. It was a new food. Its medium in oxalate as i read.

I also ate quite afew slices of watermelon, now that i remember. It was a “High” salicylate fruit. But so is tumeric, which i have also increased eating recently(for decreased inflammation).

Sigh. Today i searched abit online and found people talking about histidine and salicylate sensitivity. BUMMER! Im trying so hard to eat vegan and thus, i believe my amino acids levels is lower than eating meat daily on every meal. Meat is inflammatory, Sigh. What im really trying to do is eat without my body freaking out. I just wanna calm it so that it can concentrate on healing!

Need to bump up protein yet cant eat meat… Need to heal/lower salicylate sensitivity yet maintain low inflammation…

Yesterday night i was writing out my diet points for my TCM to send to a naturopath and i realise i have a shit ton of sensitivities! Probably even more.

I react to: bone broth, gelatin supplements, b complex supplements, salmon, egg, milk?, yogurt, butter, cheese, deli meats like ham, pepperoni, stir fried cucumbers, guava & plum powder, coconut water, prawn…

During my flarish period on friday i bought a cup of green tea with tapioca pearls to drink. I think i also reacted to that. Apparently tea is high in oxalate. Or maybe its just my flaring itch. I’ve been having day time itches! Usually i dont itch during day time. Maybe a light scratch but past week was madness. I will scratch and scratch my arm/fingers and get some bleed marks šŸ˜¦

Fingers crossed. I hope my condition improves.

Problem areas:

Neck, left arm especially, chest, right palm & fingers, near toe area on both feet, right calf patch…

Sleep is still sane enough, thankfully.

What i ate today:

Brunch: Slice of papaya, Rice vermicelli with bean sprouts, cauli flower, cabbage


Breakfast: Rice with bitter gourd, cabbage?

Dinner: sweet sour tomato sauce pork, stir fried rice strips (hor fun) and cup of barley


Breakfast: chocolate matcha bun from Johan, fish dumplings with meepok noodles, tea without sugar

Dinner: Rice with long beans, cauliflower, cabbage (i think)


Day 563 – 1 yr 6mths+ – Annoying oozy ear

I am so annoyed by my oozing ear. Where exactly is oozing? The top tip of my ear that contacts my hair and temples of my spectacles. It oozes then crust on my hair and spectacles. Very uncomfortable. It feels like something is gelling there and everytime my ears or something moves, i feel something is stuck and am so tempted to rub off the crusty ooze or something.

TCM isnt really helping that patch imho.

And i have another bad patch outside the ear hole. Its been oozy and red for ages! TF. Since dec 2015! When is it gonna heal?!


I am at a point in time where i can easily filter out meat and not feel super devastated about the decision. I think its been more than a week of no/few meat cravings. I think it really takes time (2 to 3 weeks) to reach this state where you no longer crave something. I think its the same with sugar. After 2 to 3 weeks, the cravings get less intense and stops.

But am i seeing results from eating a largely vegan diet? Yesterday there was the YUMMY DELICIOUS canned spicy pork cubes for dinner. I ate 1 small little cube with brocolli and tumeric pepper radish rice soup. I consider it an achievement that i didnt eat more of it. I LOVE THAT DANG PORK CUBES. One of the meat things i crave is another of 4finger’s BFF Soy burger.

On eating vegetarian food initially earlier i kinda notice my inflammation on face is lower. The cheek patch. Yes now its gradually getting smaller (i think. Probably. I didnt take pictures because. BECAUSE MY DAM FACE IS OOZING! depressing much) I kinda regret that i didnt take, so i didnt have a reference point. But i think its smaller. I think so. Now it looks abit like a right angle boomerang.

But seems the reddish and stuff on my hands/fingers and palm is getting worse. Sigh. Is vegetarian food not helping? My right index finger is raw AF. So is my right thumb. Today my left hand and fingers is slightly better. But seems the condition of my fingers and palm is one step front, one step back. Kinda like tango. Up and down. So it makes me wonder if i should go back to eating meat. :S

Oozy patch on cheeks & stares

Am i also more resistant to people’s stares now? Yes. When people look at me for more than 1 second, I know they are starring at my cheek. Any longer, or they make eye contact with me and the cheek again, i give them the “TF U STARING AT?” look and go ahead to ignore them. Not worth getting stress hormones over people i dont give a dam about!

Things to be happy about currently:

GOOD SLEEP. Good sleep is golden and necessary for sanity.

What i ate yesterday:

lunch: Mcdonalds large fries + rice with cabbage,Ā beansproutĀ and long bean

snacks: slices of papaya

dinner: rice with tumeric, black pepper, brocolli and small piece of canned spicy pork cube

What i ate today:

lunch: rice with long bean, cauliflower and cai xin?