PDay 72 – scratch fest

scratched my leg bloody overnight. Feels like i barely slept this morning x_x long day ahead today! 


And i survived the day! 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 3 rice cakes with pickled radish

Lunch: teriyaki chicken chop with rice

Dinner: pork rib apple pear soup 

My left leg was so bloody. The dressing was quite soaked. My palm is very irritated today. And my back. I succumbed to scratching it bloody just now. 😦 jo you gotta work harder!

Zumba was okay today. The instructor wasnt bursting with energy, oh wells. But i had a chance to exert 🙂


Day 71 – after a week of cheating

i think i ate quite alot of cheater food this week. I think Nasi Briyani is a big cheat, also the llao llao yogurt…

Welllll… Im not a saint.. 

Okays. I admit i have been scratching alot these few days, or week. I totally scratched my left foot bloody. It was so itchy when i wrapped the towel at night that i had to scratch it. I will scratch it and then pluck courage to stop, then spray my acv/tea tree solution on it. Gosh. It was so stinging and itchy for afew seconds before the calm comes. Got to restraint myself from scratching. And i guess because of the big wound created, my left leg has once agained swelled abit. 

My right leg is okay. Except the spots on the outside has been very itchy this week. I think its the ooze. When its in its oozy state, its itchy. 

I think the spots on my right thigh has healed alittle, but it seems to me that im getting more spots. Sigh. Possibly from scratching more. I must stop opening more wounds! And it feels to me that they are fiercely exuding ooze and refusing to close. Gotta let it run its time and settle down i guess!


  • insides of leg is nicely healing. 
  • Hand quite manageable

And.. What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with fried chicken wing

Lunch: 4 rice cakes and 2 bananas

Dinner: rice with sweet and sour pork

Im feeling exceptionally hungry today for some reasons 😦 

Happy healing everyone!


Day 70 – fresh air

Yesterday was day 70. 

Set the alarm to 6am, but only got up at 7am. Stilllll congrats to myself for having such self discipline!! 

So i finally went to mcritchie reservoir for a walk. After alootttt of hesitation.

Previously i wanted to go, even planned to resign so that i could go every other day. But i was worried about getting insect bites and cellulitis. Before tsw, sometimes i get cellulitis on the calves afew days after a hike. (I usually go wearing shorts and tshirts, the hike is about 4hrs. ) 

But yesterday i decided to keep it short. Went on a short 1hr hike(it seemed like forever when alone) then after that i went shopping for the tea and apple cider. 

I slept early last night at 6pm. Woke up automatically at 6am, lol!

What i ate yesterday:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: kfc bucket rice (garlic rice with fried chicken bits and sauce)

Dinner: none


Day 69 – cheat!

what i ate today:

Breakfast: pink lady apple and 3 rice cakes with pickled radish

Lunch: rice with fried fish fillet and coleslaw

Dinner: Llao llao yogurt 😛

Feeling today: left foot alittle swollen. Overall abit itchy.


Day 68 – nasi briyani cheating day

I love Nasi Briyani. Its a dish that my company sells for lunch, once a month. Its the best tasting dish too. After not having it for like 2 or 3 months, today i decided to cheat on it. 

It looks like this:

For breakfast i ate fried beehoon with stir fried veg. 

For dinner I had 2 bowls of chicken soup with cauliflower, brocolli and mushrooms. No rice

After lunch i felt my fingers burn alittle. White burning bumps surrounded by red appeared. Not sure if theres any relation to lunch. 

I think im gonna cheat again tomorrow. I want to eat LLao llao so bad.