Day 922 – 2.5yrs+ – Face Flare

Its been a long time since i wrote again 😦 My face been flaring for so long. I went to thailand afew weeks back (it was not so bad then) and came back, ate some spicy fried chicken cutlet and look at me. SO RED.

I dont deny im feeling alittle depressed/frustrated. Yesterday i took Natrol’s 2 x 1mg time released melatonin to try to sleep. Doesnt work. I was still flipping around in bed and scratching.

How am i now, you wonder? Face flaring. Cheeks, chin, near the ears, eye lids (yeah its terrible) and above the lips. Other areas, my right calf is having a coin sized patch. Left calf is fine cept for a tiny patch. thighs have 2 or 3 small patches. Right arm is mostly fine cept for patch above palm. Left arm is kinda broken here and there.

DANG. I FEEL SO SWOLLEN NEAR MY LEFT EYE. ACTUALLY ALL DAY, NOT JUST AT NIGHT. I feel anxious when night comes again. I hate this damp oozy feeling. And the anxiety of being unable to fall asleep, flipping scratching in bed.

The flare this time is not as bad as nov16 where even my eyebrow and hair/scalp is oozing. But sigh. Sad period for me. Uncomfy. I texted my cousin to tell her i need another 1.5months of break. I FEEL SO GUILTY DOING IT. Just last week i told myself i just need to shower in the morning and get to work. So this week i shud be good. But no. Sigh.

Jo just needs to relax. and pray the healing starts soon.