Day 132/133 – peace

day 132 – last working day

Day 132 marks 2.5yrs of service at the oil refinery. I work indoors but well, is quite dusty too. Not sure if those had an impact on my health. Did i mention the stress too? I finally left the workplace at 7pm. Lol! On my last day. 

Noticed my palm is sooooooo dry. Developed afew cracks.

What i ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 3 rice cakes with pickled radish. Drank milo with tcm med

Lunch: rice with soy sauce and herbal chicken and papaya. Also drank milo with tcm med

Dinner: chicken rice and scoop of tcm

Day 133 – peace

Woke up with a small scratch fest on my right leg. Theres scratch marks now, but my skin feels stronger compared to afew weeks ago. 

Sleep is decent imho. πŸ™‚ im happy with it, compared to few weeks ago πŸ™‚ 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice and 2 scoops of tcm. Also ate an apple and 5 rice crackers, 2 drops of strawberry chocolate (bad Jo!)

Dinner: chicken rice and scoop of tcm med and crysanthemum tea from ztp

Playing Rune Factory 4 on my 3DS now. Wondering how sustainable this will be. I think it wont be long before i start looking for another job…

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