Day 263 – a concerned stranger

i woke up in the middle of the night again to scratch my left leg AND my right ankle. Darn. Left leg was quite raw in the morning. I totally hate washing off the tissue in the morning. And showering in the evening. Totally hate water ~_~

I went out alittle late in the morning, i went to grab biscuits and oreos from the supermarket, my sausage muffin mcd breakfast, then took a bus to my workplace. So i sat on a 2 seater and a lady sat beside me. I was kinda sleepy today, so after looking out the bus window, i closed my eyes for a short nap and placed my plastered fingers on top of my bag. I was kinda surprised to find the lady staring at my fingers afew times when i opened my eyes. To be honest, i had the “wtf are you staring at? …. These are my battle scars, im comfortable all plastered up, like i give a dam even if you stare” . I ignored her and she continued to stare. 

When i got ready to alight, she suddenly asked me: 

Lady: “miss, the red patches on your hand, are they recent or?” 

Me: “No, i had them for a long time since young.” 
Lady: “Do you eat chicken? Cos i had some red patches and when i stop eating, they’re gone.” *proceeds to show me her nice and soft skin on arms/elbow which doesnt even have much blemishes!* where are you red patches or even dry skin, lady?!

Me: “Yes i eat. I tried not eating before, its worse” i think at this point, she had a surprised look and didnt know how to answer. 

*end of encounter*

I think i blogged about eating chicken before.. I DID quit eating chicken for a period of time and my skin was oozing worse! When i stop eating chicken, i hardly eat other proteins and the shortage probably compounded the problem. My friend jokingly said “the hormones and steroids in chickens probably suppressed/controlled your eczema and made it better” lmao. 

Then when i was in office, my coworker asked what happened to my skin. Wtf. To be honest, i was there for afew months already and my fingers were ALWAYS and daily full of bandages, plasters n micropore tapes. Im tired and lazy to explain myself. 

Here is a pic of my hands. They arent too bad i think! 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: mcd sausage muffin

Lunch: salad (chicken with pepper, romaine lettuce, carrot, chickpeas, small cucumbers, roasted sesame dressing)

Others: oreo golden biscuits x3, papaya, 

Dinner: none


Day 253/254

Woke up on the morning of 254 with mighty scratched left calf. It was so itchy! I suspect it was dry. As always. 

Today in japanese class, there was an explosion of people. Suddenly theres 3 more people! 2 of them are JAL air stewardess. Wow. 

What i ate: 

Breakfast: subway’s roasted chicken breast wrap with lettuce cucumber cheese and honey mustard

Lunch: cereal fried chicken chop with rice and egg


Day 110 – cycle goes

and today the victim is left leg ankle/calf and right calf. Wooo! =w= woke up late today too and im half day today. Wtf.

And today is the first day which i wake from bed to a heave of dead skin on the floor. Gosh, skin flakes everywhere. Swept them around and omg, theres a yellow pile of flakes like in the pics of other TSW warriors. I thank my parents for tidying my bed daily but this morning i tidied the floor’s flakes alittle to prevent them from getting a shock later -_-

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried kway teow(rice noodles/ wheat noodles) with egg and beansprout and luncheon meat

Lunch: Chicken rice

Dinner: rice with pork ribs cooked in melon soup and green bean sprouts? Not sure whats the veg i ate :X

I walked all of orchard road to find that Braggs ACV is soldout -_- asked the GNC salesgirl and she said, stocks will only be here in 4mths time. Omg! Thats a very long time.

Then i went ikea to buy a garlic press and wtf, sold out too. Why is it that all the things i wanna buy are sold out?!

I watched this video on Ted today and its quite interesting:

How bacteria “talk”

I didnt know Bacteria and organise crimes! Hahaha, well not crimes but attacks. Well, one thing i noticed about TSW is that.. you gotta kill some skin bacterial on problem areas to reduce chances of skin infection… which probably happens when staph or wadever bacteria grows to a certain number and BAM. infection.

Remb to treat your skin well and happy healing 🙂


Day 109 – cycling scratch fests

Woke up today with my left arm raw and right calf raw. Yay! =w= its getting more tedious to get ready for work. 

Also Woke up with my left ear rather burning and painful ~_~ Thank goodness that it stopped hurting during the day. I admit i was alittle worried. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: brown rice with veg and chicken cooked in garlic and fried fish fillet and papaya. New tea today! Dr stuart’s Lemon grass and ginger 🙂

Dinner: rice with long beans and melon soup(cooked with goji berries n chicken)


Day 106 – end of long weekend

Woke up from a scratch fest… Took tissue to cover the raw area and went back to sleep abit more. Wike up and finally got out of bed at around 3pm

Victim: right calf. Damage: some cuts.. 

Thankful that i didnt scratch my right elbow insides raw tonight. I was really worried to sleep last night. I was alittle itchy even after taking desloratadine. And i totally felt darn itchy in my left elbow insides.. The kind which u wanna rip raw. :S thank my discipline. 🙂

Left arm’s red sleeve is fading slowly. Maybe if the healing continues, i can wear a watch on my left wrist soon? 🙂 *hopeful* fingers crossed.

I ordered jojoba oil, tea tree cream and tra from iherb yesterday. Cant wait to receive the tea tree cream :S i like it that its soothing to apply on the skin. Sometimes even the acv spray doesnt really help :S 

On a side note, I NEED TO EAT MORE! Must eat more protein and meat!

I cant wait til i finally need not work. Its a bitch to have the thought of needing to iron clothes on weekends nagging behind your brain. But on weekends i also am abit weird. Is it the freedom that makes us alittle crazy? Like u wake at 3pm then before u know it, sunsets and its time for bed? Like u havent “lived” much? How will i spend my tsw days at home i wonder. But i know i will heal 🙂 i shall sunbathe my arms beside the window in the mornings when i need not work. 

One day at a time Jo. 🙂

What i ate today: 

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice with roast pork, a slice of honey dew and lemon ginger tea.

Dinner: Rice with roasted pork

Shall post some pics later tonight…   



Day 102 – be calm

what i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: chicken with green veg and papaya. And lemon ginger tea. Found the pumpkin rice had some shrimps in it so i totally skipped rice

Dinner: steamed fish, veg, some bites of pork ribs cooked in watercress soup and 2 spoonfuls of rice?


Woke up late today and had to spend on a cab to work, dam! My left arm is not burning as much as yesterday. 🙂 and alittle less swollen 🙂 i can say the red sleeves on my left arm is pretty even now. And my right arm is.. Spotty. Alittle worried abt infection on my arm. Been spraying 50-50acvwaterteatreeoil on it after scratching(imagine the sting!)

My neck is burning madly today. I suspect due to sweating irritations at night. Sleep is erratic. I kept waking up. I actually woke up 10mins before the alarm rang but went back to sleep! And was late! 

I had a mini scratch fest in the shower ack. My left calves insides were the victims. Also scratched my arms in the evenings while shopping. Ack. Also scratched my wrists :X  



Day 86 – die off day

i woke up this morning half rested. Basically it was another scratch fest night. *takes aerius(desloratadine anti histamine) while blogging* this time the victims are the same. My wrist didnt get it. Only scratched them after shower tonight. My hands and fingers are so weepy 😑 

forgot to take pics of my legs but they are worse than the scratchfest afew days ago, so… 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken and organic apple

Lunch: teriyaki chicken chop with rice and 2 slices of papaya

Dinner: subway italian bmt wrap 

Anyway im sleeping tonight. Hope to have a good night’s rest and catching a movie called the longest ride with a colleague tomorrow! 🙂

Happy healing!