Rejoicing the improvements

Wish wanna share how happy i am that the sole of my right leg is recovering alittle at a time 🙂 last week it was so cracked that it oozed my socks and i could barely dance in it. Now theres still some cracks but at least its mostly nice skin 🙂


Day 43! First cup of chicken bone broth day :)

Breakfast/lunch : small organic apple + roasted chicken breast rice
Snack: 2 cups of chicken bone broth
Dinner: to be updated

Mmm this morning my towels stuck to my left leg’s big wound. Oh wells. Maybe i wrapped my towel before its sufficiently dried out?

About the chicken bone broth: mum actually went to buy some fresh chicken breast bones for me to make my own bone broth 🙂 *happy* so yesterday around 7pm, they taught me alittle on how to get started.

First things first, im 27 and a spoiled city brat. I’ve hardly cooked(except instant noodles and fool-proof baking) so even things like peeling carrots are new to me. Im a total noob to handling meat. I wonder if i need to wash chickens before i cook and googled but they said no washing. So mum told me to take the frozen chicken bones and soak them awhile in boiled water. Then drain and put the bones in the slow cooker. YOSHI! After the chicken bones are settled, the veggies are manageable for me.

My basic chicken bone broth:
Chicken bones

Parents were excited about my soup cooking and told me to add their fav goji or wolf berries. No thanks to nightshades!

The result: thankfully it doesnt stink while cooking or the final result doesnt taste so bad. It taste like normal chicken soup. I dont think my this batch will gel if i cooled n kept it in the fridge. Theres not much joints in chicken breast. Oh wells *_* loving a cooking adventure and more nutritious soup!





Reflecting on my life journey

I took Atarax yesterday around 7pm. Not because im itchy like crazy, but just to sleep since its the weekends. So while soaking in my acv pail, i got kinda drowsy and padded dry then proceed to bed around 9pm. And slept all the way til 3pm today :X bad i know. But sleeping is a luxury(do you not agree? 😛 )

There were times i woke up scratching my hands (didnt moisturise) so i guess Atarax doesnt stop certain scratch attacks!

So i was thinking, when did my skin/health go hay wire. I think it was noticeably bad in my junior college years. That was also coincidentally the year i discovered the wonders of coffee. I drank a can of instant coffee and boom! Lectures seem amazingly clear. So it became part of me ever since. And ever since i started, its 1 cup per day.

And in the past few mths in nov and dec. i drank sooo much coffee. As much as 3-4 cups a day? Sigh, no wonder, Jo!

I wonder if its the caffeine or the coffee/tea that causes leaky gut. I think i shud be having leaky gut. Not sure where i can do the gut permeability test in singapore. But meh, my gut health shud be darn bad. I have noticed my poo has undigested stuff in them. Like veg etc. yesterday i just poo-ed sesame seeds out. Perhaps its from the louhei. I know some stuff doesnt get digested. Hmmm, couldnt find a clear answer with google.

I just started cooking my chicken bone broth today. My target for now is to have bone broth more than once a week. That should be achievable right? 🙂