Day 80 – big 80s

what i ate today:

Breakfast: juliet organic apple and bunch of aust seedless green grapes

Lunch: Spicy chicken, veg and white rice

Tomato potato carrot soup and papaya

Dinner: a deck of steamed fish, a bite of pork rib (soup cooked) and long beans, bean sprouts and rice

I’ve been eating quite alot of carbs in the morning lately. It feels like every morning im eating carbs (in a bid to avoid gluten) .

And i’ve been eating seedless green grapes. Extra sugar besides apples. 

So i wonder if this has caused my recent weeping fingers. Carbs or sugar and inflammation? How can i not eat carbs yet be full for the morning til lunch? That is a good question. 

And my raging cravings. Been wanting to eat famous amos cookies at work the whole day. Planned to buy a pack and give away 80%. Tried to strike a pact with my sister but she encouraged me to be strong (awww so sweet right?). Alittle disappointed, LOL!

Taking a day at a time 🙂