Day 296 – starbucks breakfast

woke up this morning and was peeling my tissues off my legs. Seems my right ankle and lower calves are weepy much. Tsk. Was it the scratching or what? Left leg was just slightlyyyyy weepy. On the areas which i scratched abit. But mostly dry. To be honest im kinda glad that the left leg remained dry and skin looking dry. Hope it recovers soon! 

Decided to have a starbucks bread breakfast after much raves from a friend who keeps complaining that the bread is sold out each time she wanted to eat it. Turns out its not that great. *disappointed* feels like i have wasted a good amount of my gluten budget 😱 and coffee budget. Coffee really irritates the gut. Soon after drinking it, i already feel some need to go to the toilet. I do not usually poop so early in the morning. Sometimes i only poop when im back home in the late afternoon/early evening! I think i need to eat cleanly for the next few days. Been eating quite alot of gluten for the past few days and having quite afew caffeine drinks. I think this afternoon i will have caffeinated lipton tea or something again. :S 

Also went to the tcm today. According to him, he checked my tongue and said im totally very “heaty”. Tongue according to him, was red with a greasy coat. Think i shall monitor the appearance of my tongue myself. He said i should balance my heatiness with fruits and veg. Hmmm. Shall try it.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: papaya, panda cookie, starbucks cranberry, kaya, butter panini and black coffee

Lunch: horfun with fried chicken chop 

Dinner: sushi tei ‘s beef sukiyaki and soft shell crab maki

The itch at night during midnight is… Quite intense. So intense that i lost my cool and scratched my arm bloody. Changed most of my micropore tapes yesterday night and popped aerius/desloratadine and lactogg. Im thankful that i didnt scratch madly during the night. Also i wrapped my right arm with towel and  wore an arm sock over it. I think i’ll probably have scratched off my arm micropore tapes during my sleep.


Day 141 – tcm acupuncture day

Miraculously today, my nose is dripping less. Went to the tcm, he said that actually it wasnt a flu, but allergic rhinitis or something. Caused by allergic reaction. Oh wells. I used to get that alot while working. It drips like mad in office and when im home, boom! No more drip.

Acupuncture.. Gotta go since it helps me sleep better. Imagine the feeling when the needle is driven into your skin! He asks if i feel electric zing. I cant actually describe it. It isnt a sharp pain(but u will wince/jump), its something like, the needle makes you not want to move/immobilising kind of feeling. Like “argh! You struck my muscle and its sapping my energy and i dont wanna move incase it destroys my muscle!” Kind of feeling. 

I got new herbs today. And a small container of ointment. He says theres no steroids in it. Its got anti itch properties. I just gonna take it easy i guess. Most of my itching areas are like, the whole arm kind of thing. 

Its always hard to describe the improvements from tcm session. The only super obvious improvement was sleep. Skin… I felt like it was a rise and fall kind of thing. Afew days good, then a sudden scratch fest sets it back. :S

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice 

Dinner: 313 food republic’s aglio olio pasta with chicken chop. Pasta was stir fried with bell peppers… And took the new tcm with toastbox’s yuanyang(tea/coffee) 

After that i had the runs. It affected me so much that i had to poo at jurong point -_- not sure what was the cause. And my stomach/intestines has been growling like crazy tonight. -_- Was soaking my legs in acv/dss/tea tree and exfoliating alittle. Plucked some dead skin off cos i aint no want smelly patches!

Ate 500mg of vitamin c today.  It is now nearly 2am and i shall be a good girl and try to sleep. You know you’ve TSW when you’re afraid to sleep at night! 


Day 134 – TCM day

woke up early and went to meet a seller to buy my Zelda game! Then slacked at the McCafe with a decaf capuccino. I think they made my coffee from powder, not freshly ground coffee. Im cravvvingg for aromatic coffee *_* played the new game for awhile, kinda scary. Cos its in the dark and i sat next to the glass and its so sunny. I probably sunned my arms for 2 hours there but It wasnt hot since the cafe has aircon. Back to dark games, I HATE DARK GAMES. Games that make you navigate in the dark 😦

Then i went to see the TCM. Acupuncture is… Lolz. I cant describe how i feel when i open my eyes and see needles on my mouth area -_-||

What i ate today:

Breakfast: a kiku apple

Lunch: yong tau foo beehoon soup with tofu with fish paste/fried beancurd skin fish paste (gosh, now that i think of it, this meal is full of soy) and drank tcm med with de-caf capuccino

Dinner: riverside indo grilled chicken with egg and cabbage and curry sauce


Day 129 /130 – go!

day 129.

2nd day of tcm. I think i already feel alittle different. I waited til today to confirm my sleep. I think i can say pretty much i can DEFINITELY sleep alittle better. At least i stop waking up every other hour in frustration to scratch and stuff. I think i do wake but only once? 🙂 great. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: stirfried guotiao(rice strips) with abit of beansprouts/egg. Ate 

Lunch: fried fish fillet, fried chicken bits with veg and rice. Ate ester c. Had lemon and ginger tea

Dinner: ippudo’s shiromaru with runny egg, 2 pieces of charsiew, pork broth and some black fungus?. (Taste super bland for me) ate the tcm with watermelon juice. Also ate llao llao yogurt (banana, melon, dragon fruit, chocolate 

Evening was abit itchy. Probably cos of all the sugar and junk i ate. Scratched my arm and legs quite alot. But thankfully for thicker skin on my arms recently that theres minimal damage. Restrained myself from scratching my legs -_- i can do with less wounds on my legs. 

Day 130 – 

I didnt soak my legs yesterday since i came home late. This morning, after i rinsed the tissue off the left leg, omg the dead skin curled. So i tried to cut abit off with my scissors, a big piece came off. Also it stinks like some swiss cheese shit, so i lifted it abit and the big piece could be pulled off! And i did. Underneath was some white stuff on the raw skin which stinks! I suspect bacteria growth. Didnt want to spray the 50-50 acv on it, cos the skin looked quite raw. So i just clean the white-ish stuff off as much as possible and gauzed it like usual before i go to work.

The ankle part also stinks like swiss cheese. I decided to spray the 50-50 acv on it and it stinked less. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: guotiao/rice strips

Lunch: rice with soy sauce chicken, fried fish fillet with pepper

Dinner: rice with 2 spicy drumlets and brocolli with abit of coriander leaves and chicken soup? Took the tcm powder with chicken soup, lol

Went to see the TCM today and got another bottle of med and also herbs for washing the wound. 

Also stopped by OG to buy a tefal sauce pan! Yay. Shall cook soupy goodness food for myself next week when im officially unemployed. 

Soaked my legs in acv/tea tree/dss tonight. Didnt want no smelly swiss cheese bacterial or infection on the wound. More dead skin peeled off tonight. I cant wait for the leg skin to be normal again -_- then i shall plan a solo trip somewhere before i start work again…

My tube of moogoo isb is finishing. I cant believe i went through it so fast! Its pricy at $33 dollars a tube 😱 been scratching my arms after shower. But my skin has been tougher compared to 2 weeks ago. It can take some scratching now. But i still… Scratch til some oozing… Bad..

My hand is going through bad times again… I got to bandage my weeping fingers again. And skin on the other side of palm is so broken..



Day 127 – TCM Adventure

great night of sleep. No major scratch fest. Scratched and almost wanted to pull my arm sleeves off but didnt. Not much damage. I went out in the afternoon wearing short sleeves! Wooo! The arm skin is dry n mildly flakey but no open wounds. So rare that my skin is this decent 🙂

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: dim sum outing with parents at imperial treasure ion which includes char siew pastry x2, 2 small egg tarts, rice strips with char siew, century egg with lean pork porridge, carrot cake x2 

Snack: llao llao sanum

Dinner: None

Also went to see TCM Mark that the fb group has recommended. Also had an acupuncture session today. Its been a long time since i had acupuncture. That time i did, i only had afew on my legs. This time was all over :S kinda a scary session. And on top to learn that some spots bleed when the needle is taken off. :S

I just hope what doesnt kill me makes me stronger. 

 Medicine for the week: