Day 86 – die off day

i woke up this morning half rested. Basically it was another scratch fest night. *takes aerius(desloratadine anti histamine) while blogging* this time the victims are the same. My wrist didnt get it. Only scratched them after shower tonight. My hands and fingers are so weepy 😑 

forgot to take pics of my legs but they are worse than the scratchfest afew days ago, so… 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken and organic apple

Lunch: teriyaki chicken chop with rice and 2 slices of papaya

Dinner: subway italian bmt wrap 

Anyway im sleeping tonight. Hope to have a good night’s rest and catching a movie called the longest ride with a colleague tomorrow! 🙂

Happy healing!



Day 65 – die off itch day

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: fried fish fillet with rice and cabbage

Dinner: soup cooked with bitter gourd and chicken, veg and rice

Its an itchy day today. Yesterday night, i was fidgety in bed. Theres just this burning itch on my left wrist. I had to towel wrap it before i could stop scratching and sleep. Even covered in towel, i have a dying urge to scratch it 😦 thats how bad. Skin isnt pretty today. My left hand, the palm side is tender. Water stings me. It felt like the worsening of rash again after having bone broth. 

My left hand is so itchy now. I actually broke some skin scratching 😦 gotta soak it later >_<