My arm’s progress

I thought my arms is looking better compared to past month. So i compiled some before and after pics. 

Last mth my arms were TERRIBLE. I suspect they flared upside down from the nasty salmon bone soup. 

Today, my arm is still itchy and spotted by scratch scars etc, but it generally looks less splotchy. Gosh, im glad it passed 🙂



Day 62 – small cheat day & Day 63

Day 62:

Weekends make me wanna cheat. They make me wanna dine out. And today inevitably, my mum is going on a day trip to malaysia, and so theres no dinner. So…

What i ate today:

Breakfast: banana and stirfried rice strips(guo tiao)

Lunch: Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice) with fried chicken wing, fried ikan bilis with peanut(but i didnt eat the peanut) and fried fish cake. I gave away the egg that came with the set

DinnerVelvety Mushroom Stroganoff (Gluten free) and Caesar chicken with mushroom half wrap from the Soup Spoon

This soup spoon meal is like a luxurious one. Seriously it felt like one, even though i take away and ate it alone at home on a friday. But who cares, im in my comfy room, having quality time with myself, soaking my leg in dss/acv and eating dinner like a queen!

I think at the 2mths mark, i do see some improvements, although in other areas it might be worsening. Of note is my fingers. They healed pretty well 🙂


Day 63 – peace at home

What i ate today:

Breakfast: none

Lunch: Glutinous rice with chicken

Dinner: Chicken rice, banana and some apple chips (that i ate last time and got a small flare)

Read quite abit on the book i borrowed from the library. Lots of interesting talk about fits, seizures, schizophrenia etc and their relation to gut health. I still dont quite get how to make chicken stock though :S and what is the soft tissues that i should be eating?