Tempting Freedom

I just realised my last post is dated 2018.

Tons has happened since then.. I had a bout of “bacterial overgrowth”(i think) on my foot, where the skin just started to ooze and ooze with no end, get worse, spread all over the feet and swell. I had to get 2 lympathic message sessions to calm it down. Oh god, rip my wallet.

Talking about wallet, yes rip. Rip my wallet. It is giving me a stern reminder that i need to work to even get treatment now.


I was reluctant to blog, because, i dont wanna jinx it again. 🤷

My skin:

Face: Cheeks has been the best so far. Today my right cheek tho, looks like it might ooze again with the redness rising. But my darling left cheek is dry and abit flakey. No complains as long as it doesnt start to ooze again. My dam left cheek tho, has a dark dot on it. I looked at it and it kinda worries me if it might be signs of a lyme bite. Ugh.

Arms: Legions that surfaced has calmed down again. Abit dry but smooth and healthy.

Fingers: Left palm is perfect. Right palm is up and downs. Today i ravaged it again due to moisture trigger… I was washing the celery juicer stuff, cant help it.

Neck/shoulders: Mild legions that surfaced seemed to have calmed down. Generally smooth

My skin was so good for my HK trip. I dont really know what caused this leap, but i was being conservative by not trying too much supplements that might give me a reaction. My cheeks were like so good and minimal oozing. I wonder if its really the celery juicing that i started. I started juicing 2 weeks before my HK trip and stopped during the 1 week trip. Can say that i am recovering from/in midst of small a flare(from glutathione and pineapple tarts? XD)  when i started on the celery juicing tho.

What i am currently doing:

  • Daily celery juice
    • I try to aim for around 400ml everyday, 30mins before meal or 2hrs after meal
  • Oregano oil supplement
  • Olive leaf supplement
  • Milk Thistle with artichoke & dandelion
  • L-Glutamine supplement (2g everyday, started 2mths ago? bottle finished today, not sure if i haz the money to buy another bottle and i dont feel like theres specific improvements)
  • Red Dragon Fruit (I eat 1 almost everyday which is about 400g+?)
  • Zinc Picolinate (on and off)
  • Roasted Dandelion Root Tea (on and off)
  • Pau D’arco tea (on and off)


I actually paused my probiotics and didnt eat as religiously. Havent been eating the vivomixx(VSL 3).

Its been so well im considering to re-join the workforce part time. But idk if the stress/cheating might kill me again. Ugh i dont wanna count.. how long.. i havent held a fulltime job.. UGH