Day 128 – dry

Woke up with left hand and wrist scratched pretty raw. sleep was still erratic. When will i be able to sleep 8hours straight?! Hahaha. 🙂 

The skin on my thigh has been good these few days. Not much scratch wounds left but the skin is still dark, where the flares happened. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 2 kiku apples and some fried rice/rice noodles (with abit of egg and beansprouts) and lemon ginger tea

1st installment of day tcm powder med

Not sure if the chinese powder med will taste horrible, so i made some milo to dissolve it with. Surprisingly the med is not as bad as i imagined. It reminds me of a certain weird biscuit which i cant recall. Of cos powder stuck around the mouth is ew and i drank enough water to wash it down. Nowadays i no longer routinely drink coffee. So. Theres no thick beverage that i can drink it down with. 

Lunch: xin wang’s papaya beehoon soup with chicken chop and egg (the chicken looks pretty marinated and i ate the egg!) also slacked at starbucks til zumba is due. Drank a decaf capuccino. So bland and thin :S

Dinner: Rice with green veg and cabbage/pork rib soup(cooked with seasoning pack) And a small pressed clove of garlic in soup

The skin in my palm is kinda dry n tight today. Not sure if its related to the tcm powder.

Energy level isnt high during zumba. Could it be i didnt eat dinner before that? :S

Soaked my leg in acv and epsom/dead sea salt. The dead skin on my left calf was floating around and i had to put my scissors in to cut the flapy part off. The other pieces of them arent ready to come off yet, didnt wanna pull it off. 

 The calf looks so red and raw omg.  

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