Day 156 – Sweaty?

It feels like lots of things happened today. For one, im starting part time work next month… 3 days a week and half a day each.. 

Then… I went for zumba! It was weird i suddenly started to sweat abit in the late afternoon and was sweating too in zumba(havent been sweating for sometime). Im wondering if the weather is especially hot today or that my adrenal glands are recovering. I didnt eat before zumba today. I kinda regret it 😦 when can i rock all out again?!

I wanted to buy a banana pie at MCD today after zumba but darn, the lines are long. Nvm, i shall have llaollao yogurt tomorrow! *w* but bleh, its so hard to choose fruit toppings with most of them being high salicylates..

I miss travelling. *random*

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: rice with some chicken, sweet sour pork and dark green veg

Junks: a salted egg yolk pineapple pastry (it hardly had any salted egg yolk taste??)

Missed a dose of tcm med today… Darn

And also my palm, today my right palm has got worseeee! Dam, is it always jinxing to post good progress reports?