Day 676 – 1yr 10mths – Miserable

I guess i can now say that my face flare started the moment i took the first course of antibiotics on 5 Nov 2016? Name of antibiotics: Amoxycilin and Clavid? (12 day?) 2nd course which helped a little: Zithromax (3 day only) Now that i look back, it was terrible, that period of time. I was kinda angry at the GP, and my GP had terrible queue times. GP denied that i might have a bad reaction to the drugs. I didnt know to believe him or what, because he just feels like hes pushing me to take the steroids.

It became a full flare around 7Nov, oozing lots of yellow. Its on both my cheeks, area around the lips and currently my forehead is also patchy. Even my ears and area near the ears is not spared. I woke up to crusted face daily. Miserable. Its kinda the first time i feel the classic TSW burning sensation. I needed to face the fan to cool my burning face -_-

On 17 Nov i went to my hospital’s Emergency department because i thought my arm looked like its eczema herpeticum. I sent a photo to my TCM and he said to go check it than wait. My arm looked like it has alot of bloody spots, so i thought it might be. After waiting a long time to be examined and all the mental stress, it was not. I asked for a confirmation or some test to run but they dont do it in the emergency department. -_- dang. But the doctor said the legions have a red base and pus. Oh well. Also asked the doc if he thinks antibiotics could give me a bad reaction. Doc disagrres. Oh well. Went home with anti histamines. I didnt want the steroids the doctor offered.

I talked to another fellow facebook TSW lady who had eczema herpeticum before and she said the spots hurt, ALOT. Mine are flat and dont hurt. So i guess its not.

My routine now: Wake up and go shower and wash off the yellow crust around lips and eyes. No excess rubbing other areas… Dry and tie hair up.

For the past 1 week, i have been taking the TCM’s herbs to clear the redness on my face. Well i guess there IS some improvements. My face seems to feel less swollen compared to the past week and oozing is reducing too. I hope im on the way to recovery. Im going back to see him again tomorrow.

Also during the past week i have been wet wrapping my arm. Naturopath suggested i do it and i didnt. Now im doing it. It does reduce my urge to scratch and due to less scratching during the night, it actually helps me to wake up and live earthly times. Currently i sleep around midnight (well i think i cant sleep due to wrecked adrenals and just flip around til sunrise, then sleep 6am – 12noon) then laze in bed abit then FINALLY wake up around 3pm. After shower its 4pm and well.. almost the day gone.

Im having a hard time not scratching my neck and ears during sleep -_- Its horrible. I start gently and before i know it, theres blood. -_- It makes me not wanna wake up and face the consequences in the morning. I have SUCHA HARD TIME waking up in the morning/afternoon.

Also, my scalp seems to be oozing/bleeding ( i cant see). Sigh.

I also noticed a “oozing cycle” during the day it seems. I shower when i wake, so.. not much i can say during the day. But i noticed that 6pm onwards (usually after i eat dinner), my face feels so damp and wet and oozy. Its just like a super humid feeling. Yucky. Well its consistent with TCM principles that during the day its more Yang(opposite of damp?) and at night, more Yin (damp/lubricating).

About the naturopath. I skipped this month’s appointment. I kinda feel like my naturopath isnt concerned about me 😦 Im like waiting buckets for her to get her glutamine gut healing supplement for me. Last appointment she said she will let me know, but now, 1 month later, still no news from her. Im thinking if i should just start eating L-glutamine myself -_- Im gonna wait another month or 2 before seeing her. Dont feel like leaving home with a red face. Having a face flare really is mentally draining 😦 Cant deny im alittle depressed. Talking about depressed, I talked with my sis and contemplated seeing a counsellor. But sigh. I guess its not the right time since i really cant be bothered to leave house…

Also mum seems to be nagging and nagging me to apply something on my face. I havent been applying anything on it. Its so red and raw! I only apply zinc oxide on my ears and forehead, neck. I dont really wanna apply it on my cheeks and around my lips. :S Its kinda hard to wash off. Mum doesnt get it that things need to run its course ~_~ There is no miracle cure! F! Talking about such people makes me super mad. Okay end.

My weight has been going down again. Now im like hovering below 50kg.

Stuff im using now: Desitin 40%, snake powder (with menthol) (Doesnt feel like its working as well now)