Sunday at the GP clinic

So i’ve taken 5 days of the new antibiotic clindamycin and this afternoon i went back to the GP at clementi as she has requested, for her to take a look at my skin..

I didnt think anything drastic has changed since my last visit. I went back anyways and told her frankly that i didnt think it will clear in 5 days. But anyway i told her i felt better this week since my cheeks kinda ooze less. I think it oozed alittle less. Not by alot but.. i think its abit less. So she gave me another 5 days worth of antibiotics. I think this would be my last visit already. She said that its unlikely that its an infection since i’ve been on antibiotics for soooo long. I feel like i agree. She was saying steriods will dry it all up. I agree. Miracle steroids. But i dont want it. She was saying the patch on my forehead is probably a mix of eczema. Because eczema also oozes. This visit she was saying i should apply desowen(steroids) on my face. I remb previous visits she said i should not :S This time she said desowen should be fine. But anyways, i dont have desowen. Ugh. I dont know whats gonna happen after i finish my antibiotics. I probably still need them but where do i find them?

I’ve been so grateful that this 2 weeks? that my skin around my mouth is slightly better and i can eat whatever i wanted and yawn and sneeze and make any facial expressions i wanted.

I actually am feeling abit bummed now. I wonder if its the microbes again? Do i need to up my probiotics again? I’ve been wondering what are the things i’ve been feeling for the past few days. Is it PMS cramps? My period’s been gone for 3months. I guess from stress and weightloss last 3 months. For the past 3 month where my face was so heavily crusted, i’ve been eating nothing but 2 meals a day and chicken or pork porridge. Its sad. I lost more than 3kg. I weighed myself last week? or so and found, wow, okay i’ve lost some weight.

Tomorrow’s treatment eve and i pray for another good treatment..


SHC Treatment 4

Today is SHC treatment day 4! Yay. Todays appointment is earlier at 1pm. After today’s session, i thought the timing is great. If it was 2pm or 1.30 maybe it would be even better? Well when i reach SHC, lots of people were going for lunch. I was kinda apprehensive being in crowds.

Anyway after treatment, i felt like a dragon, as like past sessions.

Today Grace did some of my treatment and Jay too. Grace is more gentle with my face, Jay is more fast and furious. So today, they, removed all my crust again. As the weeks progress, the crust “exfoliated” got less and less. Jay and Grace keep saying the area has shrunk. Has it? I dont see it noticeably tho.. To me, my whole face is still oozing.. When i reached the clinic, Grace was commenting on my face. Lol i asked if its good or bad, she said its good. ❤ SO GOOD. I am skeptical but cant deny i needed the affirmation and encouragement and comfort that the treatment is working.

On my trip to SHC on the grab, i was like googling and googling if i could order and pick up the order at Liho. All night yesterday, i’ve been thinking and thinking to buy bubble tea after my treatment session then cab back home. WHICH I DID TODAY. I was googling on the cab, but meh, cannot. So I scouted the few bubble tea shops at Far East Plaza.

I feel like its an achievement to walk from Goodwood Park SHC to Far East Plaza LOL. Its the first time i walked today. It feels weird. I went to Liho and ordered in person. Oh god. I was thinking to myself, depending on how i feel after treatment, i will decide if i should grab home straight or buy bubble tea back. (Which i did) I BOUGHT FREAKING PEARL MILK TEA, WINTERMELON TEA X2. SO A TOTAL OF 3. God. What an achievement. Then i hailed a cab back. Turned out slightly more expensive than a flat $19 grab. I cant wait til the day when i feel normal enough and can afford to walk around for a snack after SHC treatment.

Jay asked how i felt about my skin this week. I said, erm, not bad, considering yesterday i feel like my skin has more elasticity around my mouth. What im concerned with is moving my mouth. LOL. It sounds weird, but its the fact. It doesnt bother me that i cant smile or laugh, but eating. EVERYONE NEEDS TO EAT RIGHT???

Also Jay said to take yet another course of antibiotics. He said hes thinking, halfway thru the treatment, if i should take another course, then i said okay. He mention that hes thinking, because he said i should rest my liver. I was surprised that hes concerned about the liver. It feels like my skin isnt benefitting as much or make as much progress as compared to week 1 antibiotics. He also said hes afraid the infection might come back if i stopped the antibiotics.

Cant deny, im getting used to and “mentally reliant” on antibiotics. It feels to me like it gives me a peace of mind that my skin cant be infected, and that i will not ooze waterfall after the treatment like on session 2 :X

Rant: Roof of my mouth hurts like F.

Praying for strength to make it thru tonight. GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH AND HEAL MY FACE!


Day 658 – 1yr 9.5mths+ – Terrible

Im on an antibiotics course now. Afew days more to go. Condition? Terrible. My face is oozing buckets. They ooze and it ooze like its gonna drip. I gotta keep wiping them -_- Its terrible to be honest. Never have i been so uncomfy.

People and my tcm have been telling me the ooze is the byproduct of clearing the bacteria. I HOPE IT RESOLVES. The GP gave me 2 antibiotics and persistently suggested i take steriods. Even for a 3 day course. No way -_- He also gave me doxepin. Its an antidepressant for sleeping. Works pretty well with atarax. I saw  the GP on thursday and went back on sunday by his request. He extended my antibiotics for 6 more days. Phew. I thought he was gonna stop at 3 days. 3 days aint gonna do nothing…

I discovered yummy gluten free stuff by Schar. I think i should not have eaten them -_-. But they yummy.

My face is now very red. and Yellow ooze crusty. And raw around the lips. And my ears is quite raw too. Basically my head is a mess. And i get ooze crusting on my hair. I feel like cutting off my long hair and adopt a shaved side short hair. Butbutbutbut -_- I wonder if it will add to my stress…

What i ate today:

Lunch: Rice with sweet sour pork, brocolli, green veg


Rice with roasted bbq pork, papaya, banana, schar wafers…