Day 658 – 1yr 9.5mths+ – Terrible

Im on an antibiotics course now. Afew days more to go. Condition? Terrible. My face is oozing buckets. They ooze and it ooze like its gonna drip. I gotta keep wiping them -_- Its terrible to be honest. Never have i been so uncomfy.

People and my tcm have been telling me the ooze is the byproduct of clearing the bacteria. I HOPE IT RESOLVES. The GP gave me 2 antibiotics and persistently suggested i take steriods. Even for a 3 day course. No way -_- He also gave me doxepin. Its an antidepressant for sleeping. Works pretty well with atarax. I saw ┬áthe GP on thursday and went back on sunday by his request. He extended my antibiotics for 6 more days. Phew. I thought he was gonna stop at 3 days. 3 days aint gonna do nothing…

I discovered yummy gluten free stuff by Schar. I think i should not have eaten them -_-. But they yummy.

My face is now very red. and Yellow ooze crusty. And raw around the lips. And my ears is quite raw too. Basically my head is a mess. And i get ooze crusting on my hair. I feel like cutting off my long hair and adopt a shaved side short hair. Butbutbutbut -_- I wonder if it will add to my stress…

What i ate today:

Lunch: Rice with sweet sour pork, brocolli, green veg


Rice with roasted bbq pork, papaya, banana, schar wafers…