Day 85 – walk! & salmon bone soup

i went to the park for a short walk today!  

It was a pretty hot day, and i got alittle freaked out by monkeys there… But well, its good 🙂 clocked some steps today, though not alot. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: glutinous rice with chicken

Lunch: llao llao yogurt. And this salad mandarin chicken from Saladworks @ JEM. I heard its the only store outside the US? The reason i tried is becos i wanted to acertain how Balsamic Vinegar taste like. Now i know it. Still cant forget the salad at Brewerkz…



Dinner: salmon bone cooked with carrots (cooking time about 3-4hrs) drank about 3 bowls of the soup. Threw away the rest. Shud’ve cooked less of it -_- the salmon bones cost S$5 a pack. the soup is so cloudy. I wonder if i done it right. I googled and it said since the skin is on, it makes the soup cloudy. Okay… It never cross my mind, i dumped everything in.


Snacks: snacked on afew rice crackers.. And famous amos cookies… And apple chips…

Itch factor today: mild.