Day 115 – big scratch fest

had a mighty scratch fest last night.

Victims: left calf, right calf, left arm. Left calf looks most damaged. Theres bleeding. 😦

I got my health report back! Looks pretty normal to me. Theres some anomalies though, which i attribute to doing the test while having my period. Shall see if i can get the company doctor to explain my results to know myself better.

What i ate:

Breakfast: guotiao & organic apple

Lunch: soy sauce chicken, fried fish fillet and green veg with rice

Dinner: rice with brocolli, green veg and soup

TODAY AFTER SHOWER, i quickly smacked on some Moogoo IRritable skin balm (isb) and voila! Less intense scratching. But still i scratched but less intense and less frustration 🙂 *dam happy* hahahaha. Amazing cream siol! 

My skin is pretty fragile and thin these few days. Scratch abit nia and it start to ooze and bleed, wtf! Like toughen up plz!